I See You Over There, 2014

Today is 2014. Which seems vaguely implausible, since yesterday it was decades ago and I was nine and twenty-four and twelve and also eighteen and thirty, because historically, I have a very hard time noting/remembering/reconciling myself with the passage of time.

(I think it might be fake.)

Here are some of the things that happened this year:

In Winter, Paper Valentine came out, and that was on January 8, 2013, which means a year ago minus one week. (See? I’m doing time!) (Or … at least math.)

In Spring, I left my hibiscus tree outside because it likes it outside, but then it got hailed on because weather is like that here, and now it looks kind of ragged and aggressive. It has become a potted tree with an attitude. This was a sort of a learning experience, and I’ve since vowed not leave it outside unsupervised again, no matter how nice the evening looks.*

In Summer, I finished edits on Fiendish, and it became, in essence, a real live book that has corners and edges and takes up space and exists!

In Fall, Maggie, Tess, and I got our picture taken together for the Beyond Words charity calendar, which features a variety of wonderful authors in fancy costumes, and if you are in the market for a calendar (which I know you are, because today is 2014), consider this your opportunity to totally get one.

Then, just this last month … Paper Valentine was named a best book of the year by both NPR and The Boston Globe, which is squirmy and twirly and overwhelming and I-don’t-know-what!

(A really spectacular way to end a year, is what.)

Now though, it is 2014, which means it is the future. So here are some things that are happening in the coming year.

  1. Fiendish will be out this summer, which means that soon (ish), I will be talking about it a lot—like probably all the time*—and having contests where you can win ARCs and prizes-not-specified, and telling you long, disjointed stories about when I lived in Arkansas, and trying to think of stories that don’t involve snakes, because about 85% of my Arkansas stories are about snakes, because 85% of Arkansas is made of snakes.
  2. I am currently working on an A-plus-1#-top-secret book, because working on books is what I do, and while I can’t promise you any what’s and when’s because these things take how long that take, I can say that I’ll be very delighted if it doesn’t have to be secret for tooooooo much longer, because while publishing is full of many secrets and while I am, in many respects, an inveterate secret-keeper, there are certain things that are simply much better shared. This is one of them.
  3. In a week (!) I will be meeting up with Tess and Maggie (!) to drink coffee and pet goats and work on the impending follow-up to The Curiosities (!), which will feature fiction, discussion, revision, and most likely … ridiculousness?

That’s pretty much what I know about the coming year, and also (let’s be honest) only slightly less than I know about the year that just passed.

There will be more things.

There will be prizes and announcements and surprises.

There always are.

*What I mean is, I will probably leave it outside again, like, tomorrow.

**I’ll endeavor to keep it under control so that you can find yourself marginally as excited for Fiendish as I am, rather than lovingly thinking back to a time when I didn’t talk so much about it! (However.) (You are warned.) Prizes!

6 thoughts on “I See You Over There, 2014

    • Happy New Year! And I would LOVE to come visit. Touring is one of my favorite unexpected parts of writing, and I’d especially love to get to the East Coast more—but everywhere will do ;)

  1. I’m really looking forward to Fiendish (I’d want this book for the cover alone, even if I didn’t already know your writing is always on point) and the next Curiosities (does that mean we won’t see it published until 2015?)!

    Congrats on the best book of the year awards. Certainly, you deserve them. Happy New Year, Brenna!

    • Happy New Year to you too :)

      As far as I know, The Curiosities date is not set in stone yet, which means … It means … ? That it will EITHER be out in 2014. Or. Not that?

      (I’m pretty sure we’ll actually know by next week, when we get together and also have a call with our editor-overlord. And THEN … planning.)

  2. Happy New Year!! I have issues with time as well, as the Doctor would say, a timey-wimey thing. I sometimes confuse time with money, thinking there are 60 pennies in a dollar and 100 minutes in an hour, which would just be downright…horrible…and gives new meaning to time is money. Hopefully that didn’t make things more confusing–I won’t even bring up the Octopus of Time; he and I are well acquainted and give each other wary looks.

    I’m looking forward to Fiendish as well, and, gasp, I have a terrible backlog and Paper Valentine is sitting on my shelf next to your others but is as of yet unread, which means it’s overdue, but gives me something more to look forward to (because frankly, 2013 wasn’t much fun–I need more fun in 2014).

    The calendar looks fabulous! Best of luck in 2014 with the time thing. It’s very slippery and may require the use of a sonic screwdriver and a freeze-ray (yes, I know I’m a nerd, I’ve had almost 45 years to accept the fact, and I’m quite comfortable with it. I _like_ the “Ghostbusters” and “Gangum Style” mashup). And I have a tri-force sticker on my car. The _old_ tri-force. :-)

    Congratulations on being a Best Book of the Year! I think it’s wonderful that you can write the way you want and are recognized for it. We need many more odd and interesting books. :-)

    All the best for 2014. You can talk about Fiendish as much as you want and I’ll still be excited. :-) Just so you know. LOL

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