Checking In

Not much to say just lately. Things are going at whatever pace they go at.

Urban fantasy partials are out to several reputable agents at several reputable agencies, along with the requisite handful of rejections, six queries still outstanding, and a growing list of agents to try next. Oddly, I am not in any particular hurry.

I got past 43k on the suburban fantasy today, or, as G has dubbed it, “The Not-a-Fairy-Story Story.” Since the manuscript is firmly YA this time, I figure the first draft should end up at about 60-65K. I like it better than the urban fantasy, but that may just be due to the fact that it’s the project I’m currently working on. The plot continues to not be broken. In some ways, boys are much easier to write about than girls (or sweet, good-natured demons masquerading as girls).

I’ll finish the first draft of Highly-Unmarketable Memoir by November 15th, which is relieving, because I’m completely sick of it. Then it can sit for a month. Or six months. Or it can go straight to hell. At this point, I think I’m fine with that.

My plan post-memoir is to get to work on some short stories and start submitting to magazines again. Over the summer, an editor at an excellent spec/fic publication sent me a very nice rejection. He said the story I’d submitted was beautiful but distinctly not genre-y enough and he wanted to know if I could send something else. Since I don’t have anything genre-y just lying around, I need to come up with something new and then hope and pray he’s still interested/remembers/is intrigued by whatever new thing I come up with. I’m thinking zombies, because I love them with a devotion that is thoroughly unfounded, but non-zombie apocalypse is also cool.

I’m getting things done. I’m writing. I’m looking ahead to whatever happens next.

3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I don’t think we’ll let you let it go to hell. Just a warning. And now that I’ve read Tithe, I feel better prepared for your Not-a-Fairy-Story Story. Soon?

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