I’ve decided that 2008 will officially be my Year of Hard Work, so I made some goals. Then I immediately realized I’d made too many, and narrowed them down to these:

  • I will finish the first draft of the current YA by January 30th.
  • Counting the current project, I will finish and polish two YA manuscripts to shop-able condition by the end of the year.
  • I will make an actual effort to produce and submit short fiction and will make at least one sale, preferably to one of these places:
    • Cemetery Dance
    • Chizine
    • Strange Horizons
    • Weird Tales
  • I will make an actual effort to be more social, writing-wise, by attending events, readings, signings, conferences, etc. I will possibly even talk to strangers.

These are things that seem within reason. Also, they’re written down. In public. Which means that I am now committed to them.

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