An Announcement: Group Blogginess

I’m pleased to announce that the group blog is officially live. I’ll be posting there on a regular basis, together with my two of my bright and talented crit partners, Tessa Gratton and Maggie Stiefvater ( and ), and I’d like to invite everyone to come check it out.

The purpose of the blog is to discuss craft, research, and books we like, to take turns posting (very) short fiction and above all, to enjoy ourselves. I’ll be posting flash fiction, snippets of scene, and whatever else on Mondays (for instance, today—hint, hint), Tessa will post on Wednesdays, and Maggie on Fridays.

While the blog is a closed community, we heartily encourage watchers to participate in the comments section, and on days when we have a special topic or a common writing prompt, everyone will be invited to play along in their own blogs if the mood strikes them. We hope you’ll stop by and take a look, and don’t be shy about jumping into the discussion. Tomorrow, for instance, we’ll be talking about craft and why we write, so if that sounds exciting (you know it does), come tell us what you think.

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