I’m Pleased to Announce . . .

Today, I made a pro-rate sale to one of the much-coveted ezines on my January goals list!

(Paperwork pending, details to follow.)

Today, I accepted representation from a literary agent of the jaw-dropping stellar variety!

(Edits pending, backbreaking revisions to follow.)

But let’s back up—agent! Representation! Sitting around on the couch, looking totally dumbfounded!

Tonight D said, very solemnly, “You’re in the process of arriving.”

37 thoughts on “I’m Pleased to Announce . . .

    • Thanks! I do feel compelled to mention that I actually started the short with the full intention of sending it over to you guys, but no matter how I hacked it up, it kept coming in about 700 words too long, which might as well have been a bazillion.
      I think all this noveling has gotten me in the habit of epic! stories!

  1. So wait, you sold a story AND now have an agent? We MUST celebrate!!! (I’m just going to warn you now that I’ll probably weep the day I hold your first published novel in my hands. The kind of weeping women do at weddings and births of babies :)

    • Hahaha–I guess this makes me totally superstitious, right? I want to talk about it, but I don’t want to jinx it, so until the proper paperwork is filed, etc., I’ve resorted to making a grand, sweeping announcement that’s both cryptic and selective :D

    • Don’t you know that luck is just that much more lucky if you smear it around? :D
      So, I saw your comment on Maggie’s journal last night and without warning, everything clicked and I realized, “hey, that’s the guy who was so freaking cool during the FFF hook contest last year!”
      Upshot: I friended you about a year late.

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