Something Exciting!

Two things, actually. Two.

The first thing is that by this time tomorrow, I’ll be in Savannah and it will be awesome. Not only will I have the pleasure of meeting fellow authors , , , , , , , and , but I hear there will be food there. And Spanish moss, and possibly ghosts. Also, I understand there’s a beach. (For those who may not be truly familiar with the great paradox that is me, I hate water, but I love the ocean.)

The second thing is . . . I have a book deal!!!!!!


It’s with Razorbill, an imprint I have coveted for a long time to an obscenely covetous degree, and while I’m completely unable to express myself clearly, I can still communicate by pasting the PW announcement here:

Lexa Hillyer at Razorbill acquired the debut novel FE by Brenna Yovanoff at auction during BEA. The book tells the story of Malcolm Doyle, who seems like everyone else in his perfect little town, but he has a secret: he is a Replacement, left in the crib of a human baby 16 years ago. Now the dark side wants him back and he must decide where he really belongs. Pub date is fall 2010. Sarah Davies of the Greenhouse Literary Agency was the agent.

That’s about me!

Also, my fabulous and . . . what’s another word for fabulous? My super-fabulous agent, Sarah Davies, gives an account on her blog.

So, uh. You should check it out. Yeah.


48 thoughts on “Something Exciting!

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  1. Awesome news!! I’ll move all the Dean Koontz books over and make some room for the oracle. Hear that bookshelf! Fall 2010! I’m as excited as our new puppy. Ooops better get over to the training mat.
    I love your news.

  2. Congrats (again!). Your book sounds soooo cool! And I can’t wait to meet you!! (LindaJSingleeton is my primary page by the way).
    I’d love to meet a ghost (friendly type) And I absoluately loooove the ocean. Hope the beach is really close for walking.

  3. *sings, waves her arms, shakes pom-poms, crows from the rooftops*
    I am, again, (it bears many repeatings) so happy for you and so proud of you, with all your hard work and perseverance. Enjoy the ride!!!

  4. Hey! I just saw your deal vai Maggie’s blog and wanted to drop in and say…WELCOME TO RAZORBILL!!
    Lexa is the most awesome editor EVER. If you haven’t received your revision letter yet, you are going to be bowled over when you see how awesome she is. She’ll never send you one of those letters that’s like, “yeah, fix x, y, and z,” becuase she talks about differentelements, gives you ideas on how to fix them, etc.
    plus she’s just a total sweet person, and razorbill puts a lot into every single bookthey publish.
    Friending your LJ! :-)

    • Hi, Mandy!
      Thanks for telling me all this! I absolutely loved Lexa when we talked on the phone, and I’m sooo looking forward to working with her. I should be getting my revision letter sometime around the end of this month, and now I’m totally excited! I *love* brainstorming feedback (as opposed to: go stand over there by yourself and stay there ’til you fix it).

  5. Saw your news on Maggie’s blog and I wanted to stop over to say congratulations on your book deal!! The premise sounds really intriguing, and it has been added to my lengthy TBR list. Have fun on the retreat!

  6. Congratulations again, Brenna! How wonderful for you!
    I hope you have huge fun in Savannah. (I hate the water and love the ocean as well – it’s certainly not just you.)

    • OMG, I know–once it got going, it went so fast! I worked so long on the rewrite, so I resigned myself to an equally long stint of waiting, and then I’d barely even gotten started :D

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