Revision Cave

The revision cave is a nice place to live. It’s quiet and dark. There are no bright lights and no loud noises. Or maybe there are, but you certainly can’t be counted on to notice them.

There is no such thing as laundry in the revision cave. There are no dishes to wash, no plans. The gym is a thing of the past, and so is vacuuming. News, politics, and series television grind to a halt. The world stalls.

Occasionally, there are anxiety dreams involving carnivorous rabbits that dig all the way down to the water main and flood your basement. You try to shoo them away, but they are, unfortunately, carnivorous. So you get a stick and poke at them half-heartedly. This is a metaphor for revision, even if you have no idea what it means.

In the cave, in the dark, everything is a metaphor for everything else. Sometimes, not a very good one. You consider all the ways that language feels inadequate, and then use it anyway.

Sometimes, you look around and discover with delight that there is coffee.

13 thoughts on “Revision Cave

    • Haha–can you tell I’m feeling a little slap-happy?
      What, you don’t have dreams that carnivorous rabbits go on a rampage through you neighborhood and then you have to call a plumber?

      • Never would have guessed. ;)
        No, but I do have dreams about a witch who is a cat who has a pool that goes to the center of the earth on her back porch where she takes me and then turns into a squid and drags me down into the black ocean with her.

  1. Heh. This is EXACTLY what revising is like. Except I’ve never dreamt about carnivorous rabbits, just carnivorous butterflies, and that was before I was a writer. XD

  2. Does it count if the dream is more along the lines of a flat fish living in the top of my hand and I have to slice, then squeeze it out? I’m not sure, because I’m in the first draft phase ;) But the way you describe the revision cave is like it’s some kind of paradise!

    • What is it with these animal dreams? Maybe this is actually some kind of undocumented dream symbolism phenomenon–you try really hard to make up something coherent, and then metaphor-animals come along and invade your personal space.

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