Something Publication-Related

First foreign rights!

My book (which is currently between titles) is coming out from Razorbill next fall, and now it’s also going to be published simultaneously by Simon & Schuster UK!

This means I will be on two continents. Which is indescribably novel to me!

My book is going to be British.

28 thoughts on “Something Publication-Related

  1. Thats great news! You always appear so calm, and your good news is posted … mmm, if I keep really still no one will notice me. I wrote that in my, my name is thumper voice, from Bambi. If it wasn’t for the !! I might have missed it. We do love you over here. Thats me, the dogs and the cat. Have a fun weekend. I’m wasting time when I should be writing letters, and advertising stuff. See you soon.

  2. I might be tempted to take a trip to England then. I want to go casually pick up a copy in a corner bookstore and be like, “yeah, this is my friend’s latest novel, ah-hm.” I kinda wanna do that in like every bookstore that will be carrying it there and here :)

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