BALLAD CONTEST (you know you want to)

Chances are, you’ve seen this. Tess, Maggie, and I have a lot of overlap in our f-listers and I am chronically late to everything lj-related. So, I’m not going to re-post the whole thing, since you’ve probably already seen it, but I will provide a general rundown, plus important links.

Maggie’s new novel Ballad is coming out. If you spot it in the wild and take pictures, you’ll have the chance to win fabulous prizes. Maggie does a better job of explaining, using visual aids. Plus, she tells you how to actually, you know, enter.

Prizes (this is where it gets fabulous): The grand prize is a one-chapter/15-page critique by all three . Second prize is books, and everyone likes books, right? Right? Also, a slick messenger bag. Third prize is a signed audiobook of SHIVER.

If someone goes well above and beyond the contest requirements, we may just have to work out a fourth prize. So, get those cameras out and start stalking!

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