Author Photos (I have them)

For most of my life—no, really—most of my life:

early portrait

Little Sister Yovanoff has been taking pictures of me.

So, when I needed a professional author-type photo, I bribed her with lunch at the tea shop and we took a bunch of head shots.

I sent a few to Razorbill, and it’s generally accepted that this will be the one we use for the book jacket, which makes me happy, because it’s my absolute favorite:

Brenna 1

But just for fun and because apparently, I feel this post isn’t quite image-heavy enough yet, here are a few more that we liked, but which didn’t make the final cut:

Brenna 4 Brenna 3 Brenna 2

See me looking all author-y and not like I’m about to start laughing uncontrollably? Like I did between every single frame? That’s the magic of photography.

22 thoughts on “Author Photos (I have them)

    • It’s my favorite dress, and I should probably stop wearing it for everything. Otherwise, it will either look like I have one item of clothing, or like I’m a ghost from the 40s. With one item of clothing.

  1. Love the one you chose, but also really like the one in the middle of the also-rans. It’s very “shieldmaid of Rohan” or something. Okay, that made more sense in my head. You’ll just have to trust me on that. (And you are prettier than Miranda Otto, by far.)

  2. You definitely look more authory than laugh-bursty. Thank goodness for photo-taking sisters! (My sister loves taking pics, too. Hopefully she can make me look authory if I ever get published!)

    • My sister loves taking pics, too. Hopefully she can make me look authory if I ever get published!
      Sisters are great for that! They can say, “What is wrong with you? Stop making that face!” And instead of taking offense like you (I) might if it were a stranger, you (I) just stop making that face.

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