Hush, Little Baby

I have a cool thing!

Penguin made a teaser trailer for THE REPLACEMENT:

Also, johnjosephadams just posted the table of contents, so I’m officially allowed to tell you that my mid-apocalyptic zombie story “Obedience” is going to be reprinted in his new anthology,

I have two cool things!

22 thoughts on “Hush, Little Baby

    • I’ve already pre-ordered your book!
      Wow–that just gave me one of those weird little wake-up-call feelings! There are going to be people reading my book! Also, I am in no position to judge you for excessive exclamation point use, because I am out of control most of the time :)

    • can you post a teaser? Or is it too early for that?
      I think it’s still a bit too early, but as soon as the people in charge of things like that give me the go-ahead, there will be teasers!

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