The Big Fat New Orleans Post

Finally, my true, actual post about New Orleans—with pictures!

Now, I stole these from everyone involved (mostly Maggie) (really just . . . all from Maggie), so there’s a good chance we’ll be getting some duplicates around the internet, but they were too good not to share, so I’m co-opting them for my own use.

First, this group shot because it is . . . representative:

group shot
(Jackson Pearce, Carrie Ryan, Tessa Gratton, me, Maggie Stiefvater)

I have to be honest—as far as work and productivity go, we really did very little. Maggie, Jackson, and Carrie gave an immensely entertaining and well-attended signing at Octavia Books on Saturday, and on Tuesday we did our touristy thing and walked around the French Quarter, checking out the voodoo shops and taking pictures of landmarks and monuments. We stayed up late and talked writing every single night, and Tess and Natalie ( ) did their patented double-spread tarot reading for anyone who wanted it (an activity that’s becoming one of my favorite friend-traditions ever).

Other than that, we hung out at the rental house, which had two porches and a porch swing and a tree house! Not to mention, a real zombie problem.

Carrie sneaks on Tess

carries attacks Jackson

Below, the Merry Fates. This is us, people! This is so exactly us:

merry sisters

I am amused by our antics.

I laugh like anime

Maggie points out that no one actually laughs like this. But apparently . . . I do.

And last but not least, as many of you know, we helped Tess with a very involved Shakespeare video and had more fun than is probably right or decent:

I know she posted it last week, but I lovelovelove it, so I’m sharing it again.

17 thoughts on “The Big Fat New Orleans Post

  1. I love the pictures. Especially that first one. But the entire thing sounded like immense fun. You make me want to go to New Orleans (for the gazillionth time, even though spell check says that gazillionth isn’t a word (and I think that if gazillion is a word then gazillionth should be one too). And I also like the picture of you laughing like no one laughs. These are excellent pictures.
    Still can’t wait for The Replacement!

    • I love the zombie pics–we have SO many, all hilarious to different degrees! I hadn’t been to NO since I was 12, so it was really fun to walk around the French Quarter.

  2. I love the colors in the pics and I loved the video when I watched it at Tessa’s post. It makes me want to shake my head like a smiling mother with an apron on. “What in the world are these kids up to NOW?”

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