In Which I Enter the 21st Century . . . a Decade Late

After countless hours of dithering, procrastination, and occasionally being held accountable my inestimably patient designer, I finally have a website! Parts of it are still under construction (meaning, spectacularly devoid of content), but it’s real, it exists, it appears on Google! And you can see it here:

21 thoughts on “In Which I Enter the 21st Century . . . a Decade Late

  1. Woot! Congrats! It looks really good. Now I must ask something I’ve been wondering for a while…Will you be doing an ARC giveaway for The Replacement anytime soon? *bats eyelashes*

    • Will you be doing an ARC giveaway for The Replacement anytime soon?
      Yes! (Don’t ask me what it will involve because currently, I do not know. Also, I’m planning on giving at least one away through Goodreads.)

    • I suspect any recipe will work–the real secret is not to mix with a fork or pastry-cutter. What you need to do is cut the shortening into the flour using a pair of butter knives, starting in the middle and dragging them away from each other. There. That is my secret :) Also, the water should be ice-cold.

  2. I just thought you should know something. As part of a project for science, we have to “adopt” an element and make a presentation. So of course I’m doing iron, and now, because I have read this phrase, “fatal allergies to iron,” I am naming it Mackie. Or Malcolm. Just so you know what strange people are doing with your character’s name.

    • I saw that you were debating using that! Yes, iron plays a big role, so it’s very fitting. (Hence the earlier title, Fe. Also, because I like puns. Also, naming inanimate objects. Or elements, as the case may be.)

      • As of right now, I’m no longer debating. I feel like a dork, but I am a dork right? The part that I’m just a tad upset about is that no one is going to get it, due to the fact that a) the book isn’t out yet, b) the people in my class are the type that only read books that come out of the school library, and c) the books that the library gets are weird and I’m not sure anyone can understand how it works. I’ll probably have to lend it to everyone next year.

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