UK Cover + Zombies

Maybe you’ve seen it floating around the internet—I know I have! Which means, I am tragically late to the party when it comes to revealing . . . my UK cover!


The Replacement will be out in the UK in original paperback in January, 2011, and will feature—as you see here—a hot guy on the cover. I wrote a book with a hot guy on the cover! Let’s sit with this a minute. Because it pleases me to an immense degree. And comes with a weird sense of accomplishment I can’t explain. But which is nevertheless quite satisfying.

Also, in other news, my near-future, mid-apocalyptic zombie story “Obedience” is featured on Fiction Daily today. You can find it under the Genre heading by clicking on the words not strictly cannibals. Of course, you may say. Of course you can.

37 thoughts on “UK Cover + Zombies

  1. There are two things in the world I’m phobic of: cockroaches and zombies. So I read your story and got a little twitchy. By far my two favorite elements are the original twists—the smiling and the CO2 signatures. Very cool. And of course, it is wonderfully written. Have you read THE PASSAGE? If not, I’d recommend it.

    • I haven’t read the PASSAGE yet, but it looks like my kind of book! Thanks for the rec—I’ve added it to my reading list. And I’m not twitchy about roaches, but I’m absolutely crawly about centipedes, so I know what you mean. Zombies, I’m just pathologically fascinated with.

  2. oh, wow, brenna. you US cover is so freaking creepy, but your UK covert is so freaking pretty!! i dont know which one i like better!! either way im still really excited to read it! :)

    • Thanks! Hot guys make everything completely novel! Or maybe I just feel that way because I have often written stories about monsters eating people, and when you write about evisceration, you tend to assume that you will never get a hot guy on the cover of anything :D

  3. Cool cover, but the US one will always be my favorite. (Especially since the guy on the UK one looks like he’s threatening to burst into song, a la the Backstreet Boys. :P)

  4. Oh! Pretty cover, pretty boy ;) But I have to admit I like the eeriness of the US cover best. Either way, it’s exciting. September’s just around the corner at this point!

    • September’s just around the corner at this point!
      OMG, no kidding! And yes, I’m a sucker for a pretty boy, but I will always have a soft spot for the creepiness of the US cover :D

  5. How far off is that guy from your mental image? I’m curious….
    And I did read that Ruby Oliver book…and the second one…and I loved them both. And yes, my sister did give me a weird look when she saw the title, but then I got her to read it. :) I’m just annoyed that the third book isn’t out yet….

    • How far off is that guy from your mental image?
      I’d say as far as cover models go, he’s actually shockingly close. The biggest differences are that I picture him in my head with shorter hair, and also not quite so . . . 25.
      I’m glad you liked the Ruby books! The third one is The Treasure Map of Boys, and that’s out now, but the fourth comes out this winter and I am having a hard time waiting for December :D

      • It’s OUT? We asked at B&N and they said that it came out later this month….I had thought that I had seen somewhere online where it said the book was out…THEY LIED TO ME! *Gasp!*

        • Know what? I just looked, and I bet he was talking about the paperback, which comes out . . . later this month. I was thinking, it’s the only one that I have in hardback, so it must be pretty recent. It has a marshmallow snowman on the cover, which is kind of charming and upsetting at the same time.

          • *facepalm* Ugh. I was annoyed at them before (because we ordered a book that came out Tuesday that was not Linger, and they aren’t getting it in until next week supposedly), but now I’m, still annoyed. This isn’t the first time they’ve messed up.

  6. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am soo going to buy your book when it comes to ireland, but i
    wont be as excited to have it on my (ever growing) bookshelf
    When i looked at the american cover on, i was like:
    O.M.G!!!!!! cause it was so clas and out there, i wish i culd get the american cover but i know that probably wont matter once i read the first couple of pages… cant wait to dive into our book in January!!!

    • Re: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hahahaha :D For a while, there was talk of using the same or similar cover as US, but in the end, S&S UK went with hot instead of horrific! However, the creepiness is still on the inside, I assure you!

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