Yes, this:

NYT bestselling author of SHIVER Maggie Stievfater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff’s package of stories, as well as conversations about where these stories come from, taken from their popular blog The Merry Sisters of Fate, from flesh-eating faeries and demons in love, to unearthly magicians and alternate histories, to Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab, for publication in Spring 2012, by Laura Rennert at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency for Stiefvater and Gratton, and Sarah Davies at the Greenhouse Literary Agency for Yovanoff (World English).

This announcement has been a long time in the making, and in honor of it, we’ve revamped the blog. Not to mention: a contest. Also, we ask you what kind of extras you’d like to see in an anthology!

12 thoughts on “This!

  1. It’s so official and exciting! I read the Publishers Weekly bit about it… loved the pic of you three–def looked like a force to be reckoned with!

  2. Oh wow! How exciting, and what a brilliant idea to combine the short fiction with conversation about the stories and where they came from. I’m sure I’m not alone in loving reading about how other writers write. Congratulations!

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