Seven Days . . . Is Not a Long Time

It’s exactly one week before The Replacement officially ventures out into the world and I’m already hearing reports of sightings in the wild!

So, in honor of this being the craziest, weirdest, most surreal feeling ever, I’m posting some of the music I listened to while writing The Replacement. This playlist is representative, but not comprehensive. (If you want to know what Carlina sounds like when she sings, you have to go find Jennifer Charles—preferably some of the stuff she’s done with Firewater—but alas, didn’t have any)

Also, this list is dominated by male vocalists. It doesn’t mean anything. Except that I apparently listen to male vocalists when I write boy-books.

23 thoughts on “Seven Days . . . Is Not a Long Time

  1. I only know the first song on your playlist, but it’s one I like! :)
    Also, I won an ARC of The Replacement and I’ve already read it and I LOVED it! It’s very awesome! :D

  2. It’s so close! I’m overly excited for my Pre-Order to arrive ;)
    And I love that you posted this playlist. Music and writing just belong together and it’s nice to have a feel for the tone while I eagerly wait for the books arrival!

  3. HEY YOU’RE ON LIVEJOURNAL!!! I didn’t notice till this form popped up. LOL! I emailed you via GoodReads a couple of days ago, if you remember. Um, hi again! ^__^
    Anyway, thanks for posting your playlist. Of course Carlina sounds like Jennifer Charles because Jennifer Charles is unearthly and earthy at the same time. The one hard-to-find album she did with Lovage is one of my all-time favorites.
    Left to their own devices, I imagine the House of Mayhem’s house band sounds rather like the Mediaeval Baebes.
    Again, bravo to you on your wonderful book!

    • Oh, that Lovage album it best-ever—it is so weird! And awesome. And weird. My guy got it for Christmas one year, during a time that I was obsessively playing American McGee’s Alice and he would blast it while I was running around battling giant angry centipedes. It was. . . oddly appropriate.

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