In Which I Get a Little (tiny bit) Neurotic

Okay, so remember how I posted the other day and I was all blasé and placid and oh, yes, I have a book out now, but I’m totally self-contained and just puttering along at my normal emotional speed, blah blah blah? Well, I think we’ve just found my freakout threshold.

Let me tell you about it. And yes, it has a lot to do with this very cinematic banner.

Mackie (from the Breathless Reads commercial)

What it is: I just found out yesterday that there is a Breathless Reads commercial. And on Friday, it will be debuting on MTV’s Hollywood Crush blog. Like, MTV that we are all aware of and know about from childhood. Which kind of makes my head feel very weird and like it might explode a little. This picture of Mackie is an actual still from the commercial, and once I have a link to the real thing, I will definitely (definitely) be posting it here.

Not to mention, the other Breathless Reads authors have also been given stills of their characters, so if you want to see some more graphic representations, I present to you:

The Eternal Ones

Now, I will most likely be over in a corner somewhere, waiting for Friday and trying to keep my head from exploding.

, you are officially getting your emotional response!

12 thoughts on “In Which I Get a Little (tiny bit) Neurotic

  1. I seriously laughed out loud at this thing. Just…pfft, just…. *snort*.
    I didn’t imagine Mackie to look like this guy. I’d say that the main difference though is that in my head, he didn’t look quite so angry. But it is very entertaining to imagine him as Mackie.
    (AND HE’S WEARING EYELINER!) :) (Pfft. *snort*) :)
    Now that I’m done with that, it is very awesome that there is a trailer on this MTV thing. I hear that they’re, uh…. *squints one eye shut and tries to think of the right word* …big?
    And then I scroll up again and start laughing all over again. Eyeliner!

    • He is angry, Claire. Angry and brooding and MTV!
      I seriously have no idea what this commercial is going to look like, but the music that they picked is available for download on the Breathless Books site, so I downloaded it the other day and wound up listening to it a billion times. It *was* going to be absolutely torturous to wait til Friday, but now I am completely distracted and overwhelmed by NYT!

  2. Oh, AWESOME! Like a million different kinds of awesome!
    MTV, just wow! See Brenna, I told you you were going big places and you didn’t even have to wait long!
    Double awesomeness from you today friend, I’m squeeing over here for you ;)
    And oh, all of those stills from the commercials for each of the books look great. Kind of gave me chills! Can’t wait to see the actual commercial.
    ::Sarah does lots of happy dances for Brenna today::

      • It’s a weird good though, right? It HAS to be. Let is flow through your blood and jump for joy!
        SQUEE! I’m so happy for you right now, thrilled actually. AND happy to see that aside from of your amazing composure, you finally cracked this week and over highly worthy things.

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