It’s time for the latest installment in the Breathless Reads blog tour!

Today kicks off my week with Ally Condie, author of the fascinating, romantic, and highly dystopian Matched, which comes out November 30th from Penguin Young Readers.

Ally will be joining us with a guest post on Wednesday, and then on Friday, it’s Interview Time, but right now it’s Monday, and Monday is the day when I tell you a little bit about the book.

Cassia lives in a perfectly regulated society. Everything has been predetermined to produce optimal results and the citizens live their lives knowing who they will marry, what their careers will be and for the most part, when they die.

matched cover

Having just turned seventeen, Cassia is due to be Matched with the person who will be her optimal partner and when her Match is determined to be her best friend, Xander, she’s surprised, but pleased. Matches are hardly ever made between people who already know each other, but she can’t deny that the Society has done its job and she and Xander will be perfect together. However, she’s shocked when she reviews her Match at home on her family’s portscreen and for one baffling instant, the screen shows her another face. And this second Match is also someone she knows.

Cassia assumes the duplicate Match must be some kind of mistake. But even this simple explanation isn’t a comforting one. The Society doesn’t make mistakes. As Cassia digs deeper, she’s forced to start thinking for herself and begins to question all that the Society has worked so hard to implement.

Here is the part where I try to talk about Matched without being spoilery, but I can’t. So, what I’ll say is that it has a wonderful combination of romance, intrigue, and beautiful writing. Also, I haven’t told you anything about the second Match, Ky, because I do not want to be spoilery, but I kind of love him. Really.

I hope this sets the stage for Wednesday, when I’ll share Ally’s guest post and tell you how to win a copy of Matched!

(I’ll give you a hint—it will be exactly like last time.)

(And the time before that.)

7 thoughts on “Matched

  1. I’m SOOOO excited about this book; it’s been on my wish list for months!!! Winning a copy is probably the only way it could get more exciting. :P
    I can’t wait to see the guest post and your interview Friday!

  2. Gah! I have also been looking forward to this book. I’ve really been hearing a lot of good things. Also, on a side note, I have been reading The Replacement, and it is so. good.

    • Glad you’re liking The Replacement! And definitely pick up Matched if you like dystopia—it’s so well-written and the world is totally rigid and oppressive. It’s really interesting to watch the characters figure out how to proceed in a place where just keeping a secret can be viewed as insurrection!

  3. This is going to be GREAT!!
    I really LOVE The Replacement!! And I’m also reading Nightshade, which is another “Breathless Read” and since I’ve been ExTrEmElY pleased with both of them, I’m making a point to read all of them! So I went out and bought Sappique’s predecessor, Incarceron so I’ll be ready! And Matched has me really excited!!! I can’t wait!! And now, I hope to win! Hey, one less book to buy. ;) By the way, I think I’m obsessed with Mackie, I want him to be MINE!!!! Pretty pretty please with sugar on top write about Mackie again…I just love the whole plot/setting, and characters soooooo much!!!

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