Some Glorious, Glorious Things

As is typical, I’m disgustingly behind in sharing all kinds of exciting news. Basically, the internet moves much faster than I do. So, in the interest of being timely and responsible, I’ve made a handy list!

1) Because she is much more organized than I am, Maggie has already announced this on her blog and named names and posted pictures of taxidermied animals, but I’m repeating it here for posterity: in February, I get to take part in a huge writing retreat, where I expect to hang out with a whole list of inestimably cool people and stay up late and drink too much black tea. There will be vlogging. If you post questions on Maggie’s blog, we will try very, very hard to answer them.

2) Dates and locations for the Breathless Reads tour have been announced! Directly after the retreat, I’ll be leaving for a five-stop tour with Ally Condie, Andrea Cremer, Kirsten Miller, and Beth Revis, and you can find all the pertinent details here on my website.

3) ALSO (as you may or may not know) my next book is due out this fall and I’m going to be so mean here in a second and you’re going to hate me.

Okay, here is me being mean: I just saw the cover mock-up, and I can’t show you. I can’t show anybody because it’s not even final yet.

But I will tell you this: I lovelovelove it—the concept and the composition and the color scheme and the font and everything—it’s perfect!

And this: It’s designed by Natalie Sousa, who did such an amazing job with the US cover for The Replacement. The actual photo shoot hasn’t even happened yet, so I expect it will be awhile before there’s an actual reveal, but it’s there, it’s happening, and it’s excellent. And because I don’t like being disagreeable, I will leave you with something to soften my meanness:

4) My second book is officially titled The Space Between.

It is about demons and love and self-destruction and more love. It’s about monsters and transformations and kissing and self-perception and all the things I like best. That is not a good description. Later, it will have an actual summary, but right now I’ll just finish by saying, I am so, so excited for it!

24 thoughts on “Some Glorious, Glorious Things

  1. YES BOOK NEWS!!! *pounces* The Space Between. The Space Between. The Space Between… I like it. And I really really really really want it to come out soon, now. *sighs* *marks calender*

  2. You know, just knowing that there’s a cover out there somewhere, that’s kinda amazing on its own. And I really think that that description right there is sufficient for a blurb. It really sounds amazing.

    • Thanks! I’m so, so excited for this one, and not just because it’s my new, shiny book—in addition to all that other stuff, it’s my sheltered princess-story, and I love princess stories!

  3. Oh squee!!! You’re coming to NYC! Huzzah! AND what’s even better is that I happen to have that day off so I can actually get a space. Books of Wonder is an awesome bookstore but, man, squishity squish. >_<

    • We went through about bazillion titles, and I’m so happy with this one. Tone is such a tricky thing and I’m awful with titles—on first, second, and third tries, I always seem to pick the vaguest thing possible!

  4. So glad you got the bookplate! About my name on the cover—I would tell you the color, except it’s one of the things that’s still likely to change. Instead, I will sneakily give you this link so you can click on it and see something buried deep on my agency page where no one ever goes. The info you want is out there . . . but commando-style.

    • Re: the space between
      TSB is not actually a sequel—it’s a completely and totally different story, with a female main character! *But* my demons do have a lot in common temperamentally with the creatures from Mayhem . . .

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