I Can’t Think of a Clever Title (inarticulate squealing just doesn’t translate to text)

I’m back! With a huge to-do list and a mountain of laundry and the stupidest head-cold ever, but I’m back, and I’m motivated and slightly euphoric and entirely ready for spring!

-The Breathless Reads tour was excellent—nothing short of spectacular, really. My fellow Breathless authors were not only wonderful people, but highly entertaining, and it was amazing to actually meet readers face-to-face and get to know some of the teens and the bloggers I’ve crossed paths with around the internet.

-I’m probably going to be getting more edits for The Space Between in a day or two and we all know what that means: take-out Chinese food and pie-baking and terrible hair. Also, late-night conversations with the cat about character motivation, and putting the milk in the cupboard instead of the refrigerator because my brain is easily confused by storage spaces with doors and shelves.

-Now, on a less dire note, I would like to present to you Something Very Cool, which is this cover:


Cue the happy dance! The happy dance! But don’t watch while I do it. Because I am a terrible dancer.

To elaborate, and so that I make sense: I have a story appearing alongside a whole list of phenomenal authors—not least, Francesca Lia Block, who is basically* my most significant writing role model of all time, and whose work is the main reason I decided at 19 that I was actually going to get brave and pursue publication. For real. And when I saw that she was going to be in this anthology, I immediately commenced bouncing around the house like the Gummi Bears! You remember the Gummi Bears, don’t you?

So . . .

I should probably step away from the internet now, before I start resurrecting other Disney cartoons of the 80s.

*By basically, I mean . . . just is.

23 thoughts on “I Can’t Think of a Clever Title (inarticulate squealing just doesn’t translate to text)

  1. Wow! Congratulations! That really is incredibly exciting news (and a gorgeous cover). I completely empathise, as Francesca Lia Block is one of my writerly heroines too. Her novels are like prose poems – I love them. There’s nobody else who writes anywhere near like her.
    You realise this means I have to add yet anotehr book to my wishlist – you are the wicked voice of temptation!

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