It Is Way too Early to Start a Countdown

Okay, yes. I already know I’m getting ahead of myself. But here’s the thing. I just did the release-date math, which is, in and of itself, kind of impressive because I resent math a lot (even though I understand on an intellectual level that it’s valuable because we need bridges and roads and shortbread recipes).

Here is what I discovered: The Space Between comes out in exactly 168 days. That is 24 weeks. That is less than six months. That’s heart-stoppingly close and incredibly far AT THE SAME TIME. This is the kind of mysterious time-conundrum that really makes me wish I understood quantum physics. Although I’m given to understand that no one actually understands quantum physics. True? False? Do we know?

I don’t have ARCs yet. But I cannot wait until I do, because I’m already fantasizing possible teasers and contests and giveaways, because I just have to say, I’m having a really hard time waiting 168 days to share this book. Because I like it, you guys. It seems indecent to say it, because I—you know—wrote it, but I do. I like it a lot.

So, because today I am Impatient Girl and I really, really want to share something, I’m going to settle for sharing some music.

This is the song I listened to 1 billion times while I was in the end-stages of editing. There are a lot of songs that have been the anchor-song for The Space Between at various times and various stages, but this one is the most recent, and in my mind, that makes it the Official anchor song. At least until I decide the anchor song is actually something else. Because I am nothing if not capricious. (You’ll have to excuse the scrolling lyrics—this was the only video I could find.)

18 thoughts on “It Is Way too Early to Start a Countdown

  1. I’m really looking forward to this one since we talked about it in Savannah, even though I’m sure it’s changed a lot.
    Also I randomly had a dream that we were trapped in prison together recently. Apropos of nothing.

  2. ooooOOOoooo
    i LOVE that song man :) its me and my other half’s song <3 looking forward for the release date!!

    • Re: ooooOOOoooo
      its me and my other half’s song
      Oh, that’s sweet! I think it’s a very romantic song, and those aren’t usually my favorite kind, but this one was perfect for the book and perfect for revising.

  3. Okay, I’m not really sure how I missed that you already had a cover and everything (!!!!!) but I’m super stoked a countdown exists :) Can’t wait!

    • I’ve always loved that Bif Naked song.
      It’s so happy and tragic at the same time! I just love all the layers—the information you get from the lyrics, and then what you get from the sound of her voice. So . . . I like layers.

  4. …. that is one of the highest most wanted books on my WANT list this year, THE SPACE BETWEEN. seriously, you’ve become one of my favourite authors so fast.! :)
    can’t wait til you have ARC’s, cos i want to win and read it!!!!!! :)

      • WOOT! i want that book! :) haha :)
        you’ve also inspired me write something about half-demons, half-vampires. i already have a line
        “i thought vampires were already demons. how can you be half-vampire, and half demon?? doesn’t that make you like, a demon and a half?” :)
        story still forming. watch my brain for more :) lol :)

  5. Hello, this is the first time I’ve commented on your blog. However, it is definitely not the first time I’ve visited. I have just a few things to say:
    1) I love The Replacement so much. If I wasn’t already married, I’d marry that book.
    2)I am looking forward to The Space Between. I already know that I will love it.
    3) If I could copy a writer’s voice (not her speaking voice, her writing voice) I would copy yours. Your writing is wonderful and humorous and has the truthiest ring of truth to it.
    4)I also hate math.
    5)But I love the word “capricious”
    -Hannah from

    • Hi Hannah, thanks for stopping in and taking the time to comment! I’m really glad you liked The Replacement, and I can’t *wait* to be able to share The Space Between—true love and moral ambiguity FTW!
      Also, I suspect that I’m not actually all that capricious, but lately I’m so obsessed with the word that I can’t stop using it. This will go on and on until I find a new word. Perhaps this, in and of itself, makes me capricious.

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