Look at These Things I Have!

1) I just found out last week that The Replacement made Booklist’s Top 10 for YA Horror. Because I have a ridiculous love of all things horror, and have wanted nothing more than to be a “horror writer” since childhood, this is basically the most excellent news ever.

2) I have real, actual ARCs of The Space Between, and this week, I’ll be giving one away over on Merry Fates.

Space Between ARC!

We’re having a prompt contest, and also a very important announcement about the future of the Merry Fates blog, which you can see here.

3) Also, this is semi-related to point number two, but my sample dust jackets for The Space Between came in the mail today and they’re really, really pretty—covered in embossing and a metallic effect that looks like steel or antique silver, and I can’t stop touching the filigree because it’s bumpy.

There aren’t finished copies yet, but for the sake of having a good solid visual aid, here is a hardback of The Replacement wearing a dust jacket that does not belong to it:

TSB dust jacket 3

And the back flap:

TSB inside flap

This book is getting so real, you guys!

17 thoughts on “Look at These Things I Have!

  1. gorgeous!!!! canNOT wait for this one. it’s my only book im allowed in the fall!! (we’re moving back to America so i have to downgrade how many books i get.) :)
    so excited for you, Brenna!! :)

    • I wish I could have done a better job with the pictures, but I really have no idea what I’m doing (maybe I’ll get my sister to come over and take some). All you need to know is that it’s twice as pretty in person—at *least* twice as pretty!

    • I had NO CLUE that the filigree was going to be all crazy like this! (Also, I am totally, totally stealing your idea and making stickers, because I think it’s the best idea ever. And I love stickers.)

  2. That ARC looks remarkably like the book I’m reading right now…
    Also, that dust jacket is gorgeous! I love the filigree. Can’t wait to get mine in the mail. Why is Novemeber so far away?

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