One More Time With Feeling

Today is the 15th, which, do you know what that means?

It means that The Space Between comes out in exactly three months. Exactly. I mean, it’s like I have a calendar in my head.

I know for a fact that I wasn’t nearly so hyper-aware when The Replacement was coming out—it was too intimidating, or else, too new. I think I was in a fugue state where I just tuned it out and pretended really hard it wasn’t happening.

And now that I’m not doing that anymore? It’s honestly kind of nice. I keep finding myself wanting to share things! (And this is notable, because I am sometimes quite a bad sharer.)

I’ve said it many times, but I’m not a person who writes to silence. I can’t. I need the movement and the background noise, I need coffee shops and music and chaos. But mostly the music. It occurs to me that a lot of times, the way I choose my songs is by sorting through all the lyrics and finding parallels to the stories or the characters I’m writing about.

Okay, I know, I know—I’m constantly foisting Regina Spektor on you, but I can’t stop, because I just find her ridiculously charming, and her voice—it is so, so sweet!

This is Truman’s* theme. Or at least, one of them. Everyone gets more than one theme-song, but I’m resisting the urge to overcomplicate things, so today this is his. Because there is nothing I like better than when things are tragic and kind of whimsical at the same time.

*In The Space Between, Truman is the male lead. I would say hero, except you know me—you know about my fascination with dysfunction. You know I don’t do heroes.

13 thoughts on “One More Time With Feeling

    • This is kind of embarrassing, but I thought about this for 5 minutes and I think I changed my mind.
      It was just like me being automatically defensive, like if somebody called my hypothetical little sister a slut. I’m not sure I can be rational about this book.

        • I had an internal argument about whether or not merely not making bad choices qualifies you as a hero. And I decided not. I mean, based on Certain Other Characters, my personal undying love doesn’t actually point toward heroes all the time. Hehehe.
          And I’d love to say more, but obviously, SPOILERIFFIC.

          • If not making the bad choices qualifies one as a hero, then . . . well, then the bar is just very low. And we can’t have that. Mainly because that would cheapen you-know-who in Tess’s Sekrit Novel considerably. Which is unconscionable.

    • I have a funny story! (Or, maybe it is only funny to me.) When I first started writing the book, I did not particularly like that name. In fact, I pretty much wished he was named anything else. I even spent an afternoon making lists of other names he should probably have. Obvs., didn’t work. Now I’ve finally accepted him as he is, a boy with a name I never meant for him to have.

      • i think you should include that story somewhere in the back. that is an awesome story. i often have the same problem with names, i poke through scrivners name tool and come back to the same names all the time. tristan, riley, etc. :)
        ps i dont know how im going to wait til this book releases!!!

    • He really, really is much better than I let on. But. I can’t bring myself to call him the hero, because he’s just not!
      (Also, I love Regina Spektor so much. Because she is adorable.)

  1. Yay for Regina Spektor! (I’m always having to stop myself from making my book playlist 50% Regina.)
    Now I have to be nosy—was the teasing because they think her music is silly or otherwise objectionable, or because he was a boy and listening to something so girly? Each reason makes it a completely different story, you know, so I have to ask.
    Even my favorite music and movies are like that.
    Mine too—I was just having a “discussion” with my sister the other day because she thinks Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is depressing, and I think it’s romantic!

    • The teasing was because he’s a boy and listening to something girly. My dad is always calling Connor a “girly boy” and picking at Connor because he wants him to be what he considers to be manly.
      I love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I don’t remember how my sister found it but she showed it to me, and I loved it. I agree, I think it’s romantic. I haven’t seen that movie in awhile. I should find it and watch it :D. Another one of my favorite movies that I consider romantic but dark at the same time is The Crow. I love that movie. I also love a few anime and manga that are tragic but whimsical at the same time. Like, Wolf’s Rain, Haibane Renmei, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

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