The First Space Between Contest

What I have:


A whole stack of shiny red ARCs, and this week, I will be giving away two. Two ARCs of The Space Between! And yes, because this is an ARC contest, sadly it is US only.*

In the past, the (rare) contests I’ve done have always been very easy—easy for you, easy for me. I’m going to keep it that way, but I have to warn you, I’m slowly becoming more ambitious so today we’re going to try something a little different.

What I’m thinking:

Daphne, the main character in The Space Between is a very earnest, very whimsical girl who just happens to come from a dark, complicated place. Which, let’s be honest, makes for some excellent theme song fodder.

Today, Daphne’s theme song is “Four Winds” by Bright Eyes, which features sincerity, a lot of Yeats-ian imagery, and an ominously upbeat fiddle. (Also, the drummer in the official video could totally be one of Daphne’s sisters. Just so you know.)

Now, what I want you to do:

  1. On your blog/Facebook/Twitter, tell me what YOUR theme song would be. Your answer can be silly. It can be shocking or heartfelt or painfully obvious. It doesn’t matter if no one agrees or everyone agrees, or if they will agree just as soon as you explain yourself. It does not matter if your theme song will probably change next week. This will be as easy or as complicated as you make it.
  2. When sharing your song, include a link back to the contest so that other people can get in on the fun.
  3. Comment on this post and tell me where I can see your answer. Make this easy on me, people. If you link to your Facebook account and I can’t see it, your name is not going in the randomizer, okay?**
  4. Do this before midnight Eastern time on Sunday the 28th. (That gives you almost a week.)

I’ll announce winners next Monday, and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

*Sorry, international friends. I’m told that ARCs are really supposed to stay in the country where that edition of the book is going to be sold. However, it will be a different story once I get finished copies. Those can go to anyone!

**I sound so . . . draconian. But I do really mean it—please be helpful. Please.

76 thoughts on “The First Space Between Contest

  1. Cute song! And haha, love that video with all the yelling and throwing stuff. :D
    Fun contest idea! And OOOOOH, my fingers are crossed.
    I’ve tweeted my theme song (idk how to link my tweet here, but I @’d you, so I hope that works!)

  2. I’m sad that I didn’t end up with your publisher in that I didn’t get to beg for an ARC of this…finally I can read it after seeing you enter that contest with that old version of it like a zillion years ago before I even knew you!!
    I posted mine to my twitter.!/jackiedolamore
    I’m not actually sure how to link an individual tweet, but it’s there, with a link back, i promise!

  3. Here’s my entry…the song is Aimee Mann’s “Borrowing Time.”
    Love it that you’ve got an interesting contest requirement–I can never keep track of the ones that want you to follow and retweet and count up your points, etc. :)
    Can’t wait to read The Space Between!

  4. Where to find my entry
    I Put it up on my wall as my status on facebook. My name is Ameer Prince Lahrim and in my profile picture I am wearing 3D Glasses that you use in the movies now, a cookie monster shirt, i have brown/black hair, and i am in my backyard. I hope you select me!

  5. My Entry thing…….. again
    My privacy settings were not allowing me to allow others to see what i post so i had to switch to twitter. I had to take take some things out of it but i made it work (kinda). I hope this does not diquallify me because i really really loved The Replacment and would do (almost) anything to have The Space Between! I am Ameer Prince Lahrim by the way! so forget about those posts about where to find it and the link…… i also put the explination (simplified) on your twitter wall (sorry for the incorrect twitter terms im new to it and have not quite gotton the hang of! it)

    • Re: My Entry thing…….. again
      Oh and btw these are the names of my dogs Casci (Cassy) and lilly! thats why that is my twitter name!!!!!!!!

  6. anthem
    facebook has been a monstrosity and it hasn’t let me log in for weeks, and yet it works fine commenting on things… *ponders*
    The best inspirational/chilly/theme songs I know would be either For Those Who Wait and Unbreakable by Fireflight. For Those Who Wait is just a freaking awesome song with some sort of gooey stuff that I’m sure I would find really insightful if I wasn’t so caffeinated. Unbreakable has a heavier sound with themes of growing and sounding like my mother would make me turn it down if she didn’t love’em herself. Although, one of the best songs that could be inspirational I saw live AT MY SOUTHERN CHURCH a few weeks ago. here is the video of that amazing cover of Evanesence. Feel free to skip to 8:31 for the song. It was amazing, truly amazing. Even though I think motocoms are not appropriate for writing an intelligent (as I mentioned, I am caffeinated, so don’t hold me to that)response, I just have to add a few <3!!! and :D X INFINITY. The only way to really describe my reaction four weeks ago is, well, *jaw on floor* & *O*
    Oh! Almost forgot the link!! I wrote a major article after that song and I credit it for more sarcastic necklace sayings than should be legal.

  7. Someone Like You!/acouchwriter/status/107997214604935169
    Seeing Adele performing Someone Like You on the VMAs made me love this song even more and realize this is my theme song. My best friend in High School is my “what if” guy. What if I had gone to that concert? What if our friends hadn’t been there that night? What if we had gone to the same college? And I am very happy for him and what he got but I will always wonder. What if?

  8. My Entry
    I thought I posted my link already but I didn’t see it, so I must not have. here is a link to my entry.

    moirae book reviews.

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