Contest Winners

The entries are in, the names are randomized, the theme songs are musical and touching and hilarious and highly personal, and now, I present to you . . . your winners!

Destiny Philipose


Jenny Zoss

Congratulations! (I’ll be getting in touch with you guys shortly to sort out mailing addresses.)

To everyone who participated, I want to thank you for making this a success. I’m really impressed with your entries and the depth and variety of your music (and people who chose to blog, I know I didn’t comment on the posts, but rest assured, I read every single one).

This was a great first-contest turnout, which means that we need to have a second one! (There’s something just really gratifying about giving things away, and I have more ARCs to hand out and a whole stack of sample dust jackets, and I should probably come up with some other stuff, too.)

So stay tuned, and keep your eyes open.

3 thoughts on “Contest Winners

    • I’ll definitely be trying to think of another fun thing to do—I like this idea of something easy that still involves some . . . involvement :)
      And I’m really not kidding about the dust jackets, I have a billion, and nothing to do with them except dress up random other books as The Space Between.

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