An Embarrassing Admission and a Video

As much as it pains me to say it, I’m very bad with time.

Which is not the same as being irresponsible or late for appointments. No, I’m quite punctual and at least marginally capable of sticking to a schedule. However, despite all that, I have an appallingly bad sense of how much time is actually passing. I mean, it is shocking.

For instance, if you ask me about some bygone event (nothing fancy—it can be just about anything), I will almost certainly tell you that it happened “last week.” Even if the event in question happened yesterday or last month or a year ago.

And this phenomenon is not limited to the past. I never know how soon anything is, so everything is always sneaking up on me and taking me by surprise. Sometimes quite aggressively.

Which is why, even though I had tons of lead time and advance notice and I knew it was going to happen, I completely failed to tell you that the paperback edition of The Replacement came out last Tuesday. Because I totally thought it didn’t come out for another month.

But also.

Also—and this is where things get bad—in addition to the other forgetting, I also forgot to tell you that Penguin included the first two chapters of The Space Between as a teaser at the back.

Which means that people could technically be reading those first two chapters right now. Had I alerted people to their availability.

So, in light of this pretty egregious oversight, I made you a video. Because I’m excited and celebratory and deeply sorry for my lack of planning and I want you to at least hear the first page, and I don’t even care that my webcam makes me look like a ghost.*

*And also, I appear to be missing selective portions of my eyebrows.

22 thoughts on “An Embarrassing Admission and a Video

  1. That’s okay. I’m really bad with time too. It’s just as exciting hearing about it now.

    It’s sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to read it!

    Oh and by the way, thank you so much for responding for my comments. It means a lot to me :)

    • I’ve mostly gotten used to my time issues over the years, but oh, I felt so stupid when I realized on Saturday that I’d missed it!

      Oh and by the way, thank you so much for responding for my comments.

      Thank YOU for taking the time to read and comment! One of my favorite things about keeping this blog is the discussion aspect and, well, there wouldn’t be any discussion if you guys didn’t take the time to get involved :)

  2. The Replacement has been on my list for ages. I look forward to reading it and The Space Between. Congratulations on the paperback release and the upcoming release of The Space Between.

    • Thanks! I’m really excited (as you can probably see from my gleeful out-of-control smile at the end of the video), so hopefully I’ll be coming up with some more teasers as the release date for The Space Between gets closer.

  3. apropos of not this post, I was wondering if you’d seen this yet?

    Say Yes to Gay YA

    Neil Gaiman linked to it from Twitter. Reminds me of the anthology you were going to participate in a few months ago where the publisher vetoed one of the stories having a gay couple. In fact, I thought it *was* about that at first! Shame really, because I would have loved that anthology and I would love to read this book too. O_o

    • Oh man, when I first uploaded this, the audio was completely off from the video and I didn’t notice. Much seething and cursing later, it works! (Apparently, I have a pretty big internet learning curve.)

  4. I’m so excited! I haven’t finished listening to the Playaway of The Replacement which I got from the library (I plan on buying the book after I finish) and It’s great, it’s so chilling and creepy! The Space Between sounds just as good!

  5. I can so relate to the time thing–it drives my husband a little nuts as he is very precise. Loved your bio, too–I’m also good at soccer and pie crust (have you tried a few drops of vinegar? makes it so much easier to work with), but video games are not my forte. We are discussing “Space Between” at our library with a group of teens tomorrow–would love to see a little more biographical info I could share!

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