Is how many years D and I have been married. (Although we’ve known each other much longer.*)


I think six is very romantic (assuming that numbers can be romantic), but not quite as romantic as this song.

Happy Anniversary, D!

*Picture of us back in the day, courtesy of Rye.

11 thoughts on “Six

  1. Aw, that pic is super cute! Happy Anniversary! And I agree – 6 is a very romantic number!! Unless it’s been repeated 3x. 666 = not quite so romantic. Although that would be interesting number of anniversaries to celebrate.

    (also, I might be a teensy bit biased…I’ve been married 6 years, too :D)

    • Yay for sixes! Also, a long time ago, I wrote a Merry Fates story about demons in love, and I bet they’d celebrated their 666th anniversary at some point.

      (They were having a Very Victorian Relationship Crisis in the story, but I’m sure they’re fine now.)

    • Are you implying that after this picture was taken, I lured him out into the garden and ate him? Because I have to admit, that’s totally where my prompt-story is going right now.

      Or maybe he lured me. It’s very hard to say.

  2. Happy anniversary to you both.

    Out of curiosity, how long have you two known each other, if you’re willing to share? I wondered what knowing each other “back in the day” qualified as time-wise. :)

    • We started dating when we were 20, but I think we’re about 23 in this picture? Funny story—I actually went to high school with him, but never knew him. I mean, I knew of him, but our paths didn’t really cross. That I was aware of.

      At the time, our school was plagued by this totally facetious and very mysterious underground political movement and my sister and I collected their fliers and taped them to our bedroom wall. I found out years later that D was not only a founding member, but Head of Propaganda. So it turns out that even before I ever knew him, I appreciated his sense of humor.

      • What a great story about being in the same school and never knowing each other, despite your amassed collection of his propaganda posters. No one ever did anything that fun and creative in our school, though with 2,000 people we had race riots and bad homecoming floats and other “memorable” things like that.

        Though I did meet my spouse in high school during our senior year, we have our own fun story about how I knew him by name only for three years (and loathed him due to my academic competitiveness) before I met him. It’s nice when things turn out well. ;)

    • Thanks! I was very proud of that flower because I grew it myself, even though I lived in an apartment and had to wrangle my whole flower garden onto one little deck. This was at the height of my pink-lily phase. (Which is totally a kind of phase you can have.)

  3. Feel completely free to tell me, rightfully, that this isn’t my buisiness, but what qualifies as “back in the day” and who’s Rye (that’s a great name)?

    • I think this picture was taken when we were 23 (maybe 22?), and we’d already been dating for a few years.

      Rye was my sister’s boyfriend for a long time (he’ll even show up in the high school posts eventually), and is still a very dear friend. He and D have known each other for years (he actually fixed me up on an well-conceived but poorly executed date with D when we were 19, so his instincts were in the right place).

      Also, between him and my sister, I have about a billion really nice photos.

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