The Third Space Between Contest

So far, we’ve been dabbling around in the shallows of the Giveaway Pool, but now it’s time to bring out the big guns. (And also time to mix our metaphors, apparently.)

I have three finished copies of The Space Between. They’re right here:

TSB finished copies 3

And I will be giving them to you!

Now, to make up for all the times I’ve limited my giveaways to the US, one of these copies will be International Only. I’ve never tried this before, so it’s going to be . . . an experiment. I’ll tell you more down in the rules section.

So, for the first contest, we started simple. I asked you to pick a personal theme song. The next time, I asked you to talk about some trinket or memento that seemed trivial, but which held personal significance for you.

Now, I’m going to ask you to do something harder.

One of the overarching themes of The Space Between centers around helping people who just aren’t in a position to help themselves. I know that might sound a little strange, considering that this is a book about demons, but bear with me. Daphne isn’t your typical demon—and we might even go so far as to consider the question, what is a typical demon, anyway? I’m not saying I have an answer, I’m just saying that I firmly believe everyone has the capacity to do some good if they choose to.

So, for this week’s contest, I’d like to hear about a time that someone helped you, and they didn’t have to. Or a time that you helped someone because you could just tell that they needed it. Basically, I want to know about good samaritans—people who’ve gone out of their way to make a difference simply by doing what they could.

I realize that this is more complicated than either of my previous assignments. Your answer might not fit conveniently on Twitter, but if you can wrangle it, more power to you!

What I want you to do:

  1. On your blog/Facebook/Tumblr (Twitter if it fits), tell me a story about helping. As usual, it can be anything—something small or big or absolutely crucial. Minor or lifesaving, I don’t care, as long as it’s you. (Here is a secret: sometimes, minor and crucial are actually the same thing.)
  2. When telling your story, include a link back to the contest so that other people can share their stories.
  3. Comment on this post and tell me where I can see your answer. You guys do a really good job of making things easy on me, but there’s always a few. So, to reiterate—if you link to Facebook or Twitter and I can’t see it (yes, I know you already know what happens but I’ll say it anyway), your name doesn’t go in the randomizer.*
  4. International Friends: Please note your Official International Status in your comment below, and I’ll enter you into a separate pool for the International-Only book!
  5. Do this before midnight Eastern time on Sunday, October 23rd. (Six days—Ready, set, go!)

I’ll announce winners next Monday, but until then, I look forward to hearing your stories!

*I’m not even going to apologize for being mean anymore. Please, just do the thing so it works . . . and stuff.

35 thoughts on “The Third Space Between Contest

  1. One of the more recent times I’ve helped someone was when I walked with a visually impaired woman to the local library.It was only a minor thing but I think she really appreciated it.

    rockchick531 at gmail dot com

  2. Thank you so much for this giveaway! Your book has been on my to-read list forever.

    My story about helping is here:


  3. Since I don’t have twitter, Facebook or a blog (I know, I’m pretty behind on the times), I really hope I can post my story here! Last year, I had to deal with a horrible teacher who would intentionally dock marks (among other horrible behaviour) and friends and classmates who would go further with it, adding onto everything that happened in the class. Thankfully, I found a few new friends this year, who have really helped me get through last year, making school a place I didn’t dread so much. Thank you for your first international contest Brenna! I loved the Replacement and have anxiously been awaiting the Space Between! I am an international fan from Canada, so please enter me in the international contest!

  4. I don’t have a facebook, so I will leave my entry in the comments :)

    When I was six, I was really shy and I wouldn’t talk…to anyone. Except my parents and my friend, Ashley. My teachers would encourage me to talk, but I would only do it through Ashley, whispering my answers into her ear, then her repeating them to the class.

    However as much as Ash was a great friend, she was a social butterfly and had a lot of other friends too…on the other hand I (obviously) didn’t. Until, one day a girl in my class named Alex came up and played with me on the field. I still wouldn’t talk to her though.

    Alex never tried to force me to talk, actually she taught me a few words in ASL and told me that when I didn’t feel like talking to use that…

    Then one day, miraculously enough, I started talking. And making more friends, because of Alex. She hadn’t pushed me or made me feel uncomfortable, but helped me come out of my tiny quiet shell, just by talking to me and making weird jokes that made me laugh.

    I made a ton of new friends that year, and Ali and I have been friends ever since.

    And she still helps get me to talk, because I’m still really quiet. She even has to tell me to speak up when I’m not feeling well because I won’t want to talk to the teacher. If it weren’t for Alex, I don’t know how long it would have taken for me to start talking in class, and I will be forever grateful for her help.

    She helped me talk, and make new friends, and wander out from the small, silent box I had trapped myself in. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay her!

    I’m so excited for your book! I can’t wait to read it! Thanks for giving us the chance to win your book! :)

  5. I have this friend who makes an effort to hug the people she knows every day and smile at everyone she doesn’t. She is the nicest person I know, always there to just give a hug. Sometimes, it makes all the difference in the world if you can just have a hug.


    (Canadian without FB/Twitter)

  6. I also posted this on your goodreads a couple of days ago, but then noticed everyone was posting it here, so I thought I better add mine in case it was supposed to be here and not there :D

    This is cool :) I hope I am doing it right, as I have never entered a contest of this sort before. Here is the link to my post on my blog and the entry is also pasted below. I am a little nervous about posting it, but maybe it will help a fellow reader and then it will have been worth it :D! (If I should only include the link and nothing else – let me know and I will delete the entry below – thank you for this opportunity!)

    The incredible author Brenna Yovanoff is holding a contest on Goodreads – you can check it out here:… :D!

    To enter, we must discuss a time we helped others or others helped us or how we have tried to make a difference in this World, even though we did not have to and we must post it on a blog or FB or twitter with a link back. This is my entry ;)!

    I battled an eating disorder for 15 years before I decided to get help. The choice to get help was not made easily, but it was ultimately going to be a matter of life and death and I chose life. I spent almost all of last year going back and forth to a treatment facility, every day, to get the help I needed. This October 30th, I will have been in recovery for 1 full year – meaning no restricting food or fluids. Now this story is not about how I helped myself, however that was a big step I never thought I would take, but about how I have tried to help others. I began making jewelry last year (links on my blog and goodreads) and decided that I wanted to help others who were struggling to get help and recover from these deadly disorders. I began making jewelry with the eating disorder awareness ribbon color of Periwinkle to represent recovery (I even named my shop on etsy Periwinkle Paradise – in honor of this), as well as including dragonflies in my pieces, to signify breaking through self-imposed limitations and beliefs. I was transparent and vulnerable in my descriptions and biography, so that others would hopefully not be as afraid to ask for help and so that they could see they were not alone and they never would be. In addition, I decided to donate 10% of the sales of all ED recovery jewelry to the National Eating Disorders Association. I had never made a single piece of jewelry in my life until last year and it is something I am eternally grateful I began doing. I have received countless letters from others telling me of their battles, thanking me for inspiring them and for being brave and telling my story. I have to admit, I am not very good at receiving all of the compliments and I will probably never see myself the way others do, but these letters make me feel amazing inside and help me stay in recovery. I believe I have helped others through this, turning my painful journey into something beautiful and positive, yet in the end, it is those I met on the journey who truly helped me. I thank each and every one of you brave women and men that are fighting the fight to recover!

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  8. I actually don’t use twitter/facebook/blog, so I hope it’s okay if I just put it here.
    so, here’s my story.

    I’m from Italy and some times ago my boyfriend broke up with me. We had been together for 8 yrs. I had this friend in NY, a great guy, and I was crying over Skype. he listened to me for hours. Lovely, yes.
    A couple of weeks later i received a box from NY. I opened it and found a treasure.!
    It was full of books I’ve been dying to read and there was this long (handwritten) letter from my friend telling me how sorry he was to hear me so sad and that he hoped books would help me. And then there was a small, beautiful, stunning necklace.
    I remember saying to him that I could bear to wear my fav necklace because it was my first gift from my ex. I was stunned. really stunned. I never thought he remembered but he did.
    And the letter…it was just one of the most beautiful things someone has ever told me.

  9. One of the things I’ve done is sit with someone as they lay dying. So they wouldn’t be alone when that time came. One of the things that those dying fear is being alone when the time comes. I try to be there, as hard as it is. So that they are at peace and not alone. It may sound morbid, but unless you’ve been in the situation, you don’t really realize just how important that extra time is. my twitter is @wildangel14

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