Finished Copy Winners!

Once again, you guys have come through with some fantastic answers to a complicated (and honestly very personal) question. I’m so impressed to see the range and depth of things that people in the world are doing to help others, and I really loved reading your stories, so thank you.

Our two US winners of the finished Space Between copies are:




And our international winner is:


(I’ll be in touch for mailing addresses)

Also, I just looked at the calendar and The Space Between will officially be out in the US in 21 days.

Which is three weeks.

Which is so, so close.

I’m thinking that we still have time for one more contest before TSB is released into the wild, so be sure to check back. I’m going to be at AASL in Minneapolis all this weekend-plus-Monday, talking to librarians,* but I promisepromisepromise to come up with something, even if I don’t have a chance to post it until I get home, so keep your eyes open!

And you guys? We’re almost there. My red, red book is almost on shelves.

(Thanks for sticking with me.)

*Basically one of my favorite pastimes.

3 thoughts on “Finished Copy Winners!

  1. Oh WOW!!! Thank you so much, Brenna. I really enjoyed reading others’ stories and experiences. Its 01:30 here and I was about to switch off my computer – am I glad I didn’t!

    I can’t wait for The Space Between: I’ve been drooling over that gorgeous book [in its luscious cover] for months and months – before the cover, which was back in April, yes? While you have been crying blood and acid and metal over it for much much longer, of course! [that IS how that beautiful filigreed furniture in Pandemonium is made? Etched by tears of acid in another circle of Hell?]

    Thank you again [and again]

    x jules

  2. Thanks again so much! This was one of my favorite ways to enter a giveaway. So wonderful to read all the great things people did!!

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