Here Is Where I Get Caught Up

As you may or may not have noticed (I won’t be sad if you didn’t notice—I promise), I have not been on the internet at all since Thursday. So, wow.

The reason for this is, I just spent the weekend in Minneapolis. Which is not to imply that they don’t have internet in Minneapolis, because they do.

I just didn’t avail myself of it, because some of the trip meant being busy with AASL, and the rest of it meant being holed up in a hotel room with Tess and Maggie, working feverishly on our upcoming Merry Sisters of Fate anthology. It was a lengthy and manic process, involving caffeine, sticky notes, stupid drawings, smart drawings, and lots and lots of markers. It was excellent.

But now I’m home, and trundling around trying to get everything in my life back where it belongs.

First, here are the things you need to know:

  1. There IS a contest this week, but it’s over at Merry Fates, and The Space Between is not the only thing up for grabs! You also have the opportunity to win a copy of Blood Magic, a copy of The Scorpio Races, and a box-set of the Shiver trilogy!

    And the rules are fun, too—all you have to do is go over there and tell us in the comments what made-up title you’d give to a Merry Fates story of your choosing, if you could give it any title at all.*

  2. The very next thing I’m going to do in my list of Doing Things is respond to the comments on Thursday’s high school post. Because I haven’t done that yet, and I really want to, and I like them!

Next, here are the things I just want to tell you because I want to:

  1. The Space Between comes out in fourteen days. Which is two weeks. Which is scaring me, because I thought it was never in a million years actually going to be November, and now it is!
  2. There’s been some really exciting critical reaction, like a starred review in Publishers Weekly!

    The Space Between is also an ALAN pick for the month of October, and I’m sharing the link here because I absolutely love what they have to say about it.

    This book is my favorite thing I’ve written, and it makes me stupid-happy when people read it and want to talk about the parts that matter most to me. (Scroll down to see the ALAN take on it.)

  3. Also, thank you for reading my blog. I’ve only been away since Thursday, and already I was missing it, and missing you.

    So, thank you.

*Only, probably not a dirty title. Not that.

7 thoughts on “Here Is Where I Get Caught Up

  1. Welcome back! :)

    The contest over at Merry Fates sounds all sorts of awesome though I have a hard time giving titles to my own stories so we shall see how good I am at that lol :)

    I’m so excited for Space Between to come out and it’s so great that it’s getting good reviews.

    Thank YOU for writing a blog. I love reading your stories and your blog is a great escape for me.

    …. Aww but sometimes dirty titles are the best lol :)

    • Titling is just really, really hard. Especially when you know that something is going to be stuck with that title forever!

      For instance, The Space Between was like 50 things before it was The Space Between, and none of them felt right, and it was just that tiny awkward matter of finding the one perfect name that actually felt like it could suit the story.

      And sometimes dirty titles ARE the best ;)

  2. Sounds like you had an exhausting but good time at ALAN. Yay for that.

    And also yay for the fact that I currently have in my possession a shiny ARC of The Space Between. :) I plan to take it with me to the UK next week, though I’m not sure whether I’m brave enough or not to start it on the transatlantic flight. (I’m not really a fan of flying or thinking about death, and this will be my first trip across the Big Pond and by myself, no less, so adding the surely creepy factor of your book into that mix is questionable before I hit solid ground again.) I would have started it sooner, but I have papers to write and dishes to wash and clothes to pack before I leave.

    • Oh, excellent! I hope you have fun with it. I will say that although parts of it are darkdarkdark, I do not think of it as a scary book. At least, not in the way some of my Merry Fates stories are, or the way The Replacement is in places.

      Basically, they need to make a sub-genre of Uncomfortable, and then all my books will live there happily together!

  3. I can’t read the title of your new novel without thinking of Between, a song by Vienna Teng. The Replacement made me think of Billy Bragg’s Northern Industrial Town. No other books have gotten songs stuck in my head.

    • I can’t read the title of your new novel without thinking of Between

      I’ll have to check it out—I’m always quietly stalking new music!

      The Replacement made me think of Billy Bragg’s Northern Industrial Town.

      Aww, that’s strangely fitting :)

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