My Book Is Fancy!

By which I mean, this trailer is fancy:

And lush and moody and perfect!

And reminds me that The Space Between comes out one week from today.

Which is kind of terrifying.

I did not mean this to be the shortest post ever. But it is. However, if you’re in the mood for something longer, I did just write a brand new Merry Fates story. It’s about vampires. Yes, really.

16 thoughts on “My Book Is Fancy!

  1. Oh man, it was just the other day when I was like, OH THAT IS GOING TO TAKE FOREVER TO COME OUT! and you were like, Um. It’ll go by fast. And look-it that – it went by fast. *fist pump* YES! I cannot wait to read this book!

  2. That is an amazing book trailer! It makes me more excited to read the book. I also have to say that I love the cover. It’s very beautiful.

    A Brenna story about vampires. That sounds pretty spectacular :)

  3. That cover gives me shivers everytime I see it, it’s so luscious & decadent somehow & creepy; add that animation & oooooh. Yup, very, very fancy. It’s definitely going to attract attention :) .

    I am desperate to READ it. [one week eeeeeeee !!!]

    x jules

        • Also in re to a prior comment on another post – which you did answer, tangents are totally My Thing unfortunately – when I asked about author Birthing Pangs I was wondering too about that moment when the book hits the front shelves and suddenly it belongs to Everybody and is not just YOUR Secret Love Child anymore? I understand that in terms of work the brain has handed it over and moved on, but still . . . The Space Between being OUT THERE. Thrilling? Terrifying? Surely not meh?

          [personally I am in a state of = excitement]

          • This is a really interesting question, because before I ever had a book come out, I always thought the moment would be absolutely chilling/exhilarating—and it is!

            BUT (you knew there was going to be a but…), for me at least, it’s really moderated by the fact that ARCs exist. Months in advance, I already know what librarians are saying about the book. And professional reviewers. And bloggers. And my mom. It’s kind of like a test-group, which means that I have a while ahead of time to get used to people reading the book, and having opinions about it. I really like things—all things—to happen gradually, so that I can become acclimated to them.

            However, as with Everything in the Whole Entire World, experiences vary so much that there’s no such thing as a straight answers. I know people who get super-antsy in the months leading up to the release date, because “why can’t it be NOW?” I know people who sing and dance, and people who freak out and hide under the bed the first week. Maggie and Tess make fun of me for not reacting to anything, but I think it’s just that I react gradually, in manageable doses. When The Replacement came out last year, I was just really, really happy. (I didn’t totally lose it until I found out it hit the NYT list!) I predict that when November 14th rolls around, I will just be really, really happy all over again. And I like the sound of that :D

  4. That is a nice trailer and nicely similar to the last one. Well done, marketing peeps!

    As promised, I did bring my ARC with me to the UK this week, but I haven’t found the time to start it yet. An aborted attempt occurred on the bus to Oxford today when I realized that the bumping of the bus plus my attempts to read would lead to nothing but unpleasant vomiting. Maybe the train to Bath tomorrow will be smoother?

    And in a moment of complete bookish fangirling, I went into a bookstore in Oxford to see the UK covers for your book, Tessa’s, and all of Maggie’s in real life. I even lined them up on a shelf and took a picture. Since doing that, I’ve been having grand visions of some future Merry Fates contest that you all will propose and for which I can submit said lovely picture — like winning for the picture of your books taken at the furthest distance from one’s home or something. :D

    • I went into a bookstore in Oxford to see the UK covers for your book, Tessa’s, and all of Maggie’s in real life. I even lined them up on a shelf and took a picture.

      Hahahaha—that’s awesome! And yes, we need to start doing some some photo contests :D

  5. Hey Brenna Im Gail and I am a young aspiring writer! the trailer is beautiful! I love the crackling sounds and how Daphne is being chained down to the bench. I have read “The Replacement” and I have a friend of mine reading it now and she loves it! I can’t wait for “The Space Between”! The best to you always!
    Truly yours,
    (P.S. Knighting Gail might be my pen name)

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