Some Thoughts on Time/Drafting

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m not all that good with time.

Yes, I’m ridiculously punctual. Yes, I can execute a recipe or follow a schedule, and on a purely intellectual level, I understand that time is always passing and this particular moment—right now—is not the same moment it was even a heartbeat ago. I get that.

But I don’t really understand that it’s true.

Here is an example. I have a wedding ring, and I always wear it, except when I’m cooking or doing the dishes. In this picture, I’m not wearing it. That’s because when the box of ARCs for The Space Between showed up on my steps, I was doing the dishes, but I wanted to know what was in the box right away without waiting, so I opened it, and I was really excited and I took a picture.

And now, every time I see the picture, I irrationally panic and think I’ve lost my ring somewhere, even though I’m currently wearing it, because something in my brain can’t tell the difference between now-this-minute, and a photograph that happened six months ago. I do this every single time.

Basically, what I’m saying is, my brain is sort of like the Overlook Hotel—all times are now.

Which is why I find it so incredibly fascinating, so impossible, that my first draft of Paper Valentine is due to my editor in two days, when I’m pretty sure this deal was announced an hour ago.

Also, I should probably finish writing it.

7 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Time/Drafting

  1. I am SO EXCITED for this book. The short stories got me REALLY worked up, and now I CAN NOT WAIT till it comes out.
    (You can tell I’m excited because of the caps. See?)

  2. I cannot wait for this! Eeeeep!

    And I worry about this also. I worry that my ring will fall in a crevice or down a sink. Even if I put it in my pocket for safe keeping, I panic that I have forgotten and lose it anyway. In the kitchen, I have a small dish that I have designated to be the place for my ring. It has become a habit and has lessen my worry, a little bit.

    • It’s awful and ridiculous!—I always think it’s going to jump out of my pocket on its own, like a little fish or something. So yes, now I have only a few very specific places where it’s okay to put it, which are like Safe Zones. And all of this is total overkill, because it’s not like I’m just running around losing things! (Although I couldn’t find a flashlight the other day, so …)

  3. Good luck with Paper Valentine! Any news you can share with us yet? I tend to think I lose things often, even if they are right in front of me. If you come up with a way to quell this bad habit, please let me know!

    • No real news yet, except it’s happening! Since this is only the first draft, and knowing my previously-outlined zompocalypse revising style, any number of changes could occur between now and the final version. I will say that right now, I’m feeling pretty good about the title, which is rare for me because I’ve never kept a first title before. Other than that, I’m pretty sure we’re just getting started!

      • Sounds fun:) The title is always the hardest part of writing- no actually it’s the names of characters especially main ones. I probably spent more time researching names then the chapter where I introduced the characters. No problem with the zombies though, every time I go back and revise it feels like reading a new book (other than the periods of intense loathing that occur between the good ideas). Good luck with Paper Valentine!

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