So, it’s been a long, LONG time since we’ve had a contest around here. (So long that I don’t even know if I remember how to do this, you guys.)

But right now, I have a nice big box of finished copies of The Curiosities, and I want to give them to you!

the curiosities

I think the way we’ll do this is … three copies up for grabs—two US, one INTERNATIONAL.

Also, while I don’t usually ask you to go out and spam the world, I think I might this time (a little).

I feel like this is kind of a special circumstance, mostly because I am totally biased and I really, really like this book and want desperately to share it with the world, because it was the Most Fun Ever to write—because I got to write it with Tess and Maggie and hang out in Tess’s living room and eat guacamole and it was noisy and joyful and I really want to share that experience with other people!

So, the instructions:

What I want you to do is blog or tweet or Facebook about The Curiosities—just once. It can be as complicated as speculating on what kind of conversations or drawings we put in the margins* or including an image of the cover, or as simple as saying that you’re excited about it and would like to read it.

The only requirement is that you have to include a link back to this post, and also I need you to come back here and tell me what and where so I can go check it out (as usual, if your Twitter is private, or I can’t see your Facebook, I DON’T COUNT IT. I know you guys know this, but … there are always a couple.)

Also, if you’re entering internationally, be sure to mention it in your comment, because you’ll go into the special international drawing!

I’ll pick winners at midnight Eastern on Sunday, August 29th, so make sure to have your entries in before then!

(Also, I will remind you. Probably next week or something.)

(Also-also, as usual, even though I think I’ve thought of everything, it’s likely that I’ve missed something. If so, I apologize in advance, and if I think of it, I’ll be sure to update.)

*Which, there are a lot, which is what makes it fun!

36 thoughts on “Win a Copy of THE CURIOSITIES

    Hi Brenna! I’m a huge fan of your books- i finish The Space Between yesterday and it was genuinely brilliant! So excited for this book!

    * I wanted to make a correction!
    The link posted is to my Facebook page! To see the post i made, please log in to your Facebook account and search for Evynn Ho (there should be a picture of a person with a feather tattoo) =]
    I also posted this on my tumblr, the link is:

  2. Tweeted it. Thanks for the giveaway, definitely gonaa read this book because your writing is simply breathtaking! seriously…


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