Curiosities Contest Winners

Entries in, names randomized, winners are a go!

In the US, we have:

Marina G



Our international winner is:

Madeline C

Congratulations, and I’ll get in touch with you guys shortly for mailing addresses.

For anyone who might still be craving your very own copy of The Curiosities, it just so happens that I have a whole big box of finished copies sitting on my floor and it really needs to not be sitting on the floor, so this will certainly not be your last chance to win!

Which means that as the bus bench by my house says, Watch This Space.

5 thoughts on “Curiosities Contest Winners

  1. Okay, now let’s just hope this is NOT one of those times when my Gmail gets stupid. I hope the email got through! Thanks so much!

    • Oh, thank you for commenting here! (I didn’t see any contact info for you besides Tumblr, so I sent you a message there.) If you could email me your address, I’ll get the book out to you!

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