Random Contest of Randomness

It’s that time again!

Also, I should probably explain what time that is. It’s the time where I look around and notice that wow, I have way too many of my own books, often in languages I don’t even speak, and in the interest of practicality, I should probably get rid of some.

So, I’m going to give away a whole bunch of them. How many? I have no idea! It will all depend on how many people enter. But probably like six.

All you have to do is comment, and then I’ll draw some names and pick some winners. I will do this at sometime around midnight Eastern on Sunday, November 4th.

You have roughly two weeks!

(Give or take.)

(It is just that kind of contest.)

48 thoughts on “Random Contest of Randomness

  1. Hi Brenna,
    What a wonderful contest! I loved both of your books and I cannot wait for the arrival of Paper Valentine. :)


  2. Random did you just say Random?? WOOo Eeeeeie I live for Random but then again would that make sense since basically I’m a Random person huh?? That was kinda Random..lmao!!! seriously I need help :/ well most days …Thanks Brenna for the Random contest you rock!!

  3. Hooray for random contests! I am a librarian and I recommend your books at least once a week. So excited to read Paper Valentine!

  4. Oooh, books in languages-I-do-not-know sound interesting. But I love the mysteriousness of a contest of books that I don’t know about, that may someday sort of appear in the mail without warning. There’s something very magical about that.

  5. To me, randomness is the epitome of awesome! And in a language that’s not English? Another great motive to learn another language. Or brush up my French. Love this!

  6. I’m loving the randomness and spontaneity and mysteriousness of this contest. I’m curious to see who wins and what the stuff is. Also the languages you don’t speak sound highly intriguing.


  7. Ooh do the books in the different languages have different covers? A book in German seems like it’d be cool to check out, even though I’m only in my 3rd year of it. Anyway, it’s really cool how you do these contests and I really really love reading your blog.
    Keep being awesome =]

  8. OMG! what a random contest so randomly amazing! thank you so much dear Brenna for this super amazing and super random giveaway! ^___________^ woohoooo! <3333333333333333333333333333 Love your books! <333333333

  9. I happen to really like your blog, and wish I was half as self-aware as you were in high school. First time I’m commenting. Hope to hear more about your new book soon. “The Replacement” gave me chills. (I’m usually chilly. But I was definitely chillier than usual while I was reading.)

  10. Thank you for this awesome contest! I think the best prizes are the ones that are completely random and surprising. I love your books so much, and I absolutely adored Paper Valentine. Try not to get too stressed out about your new book deadline – I’m sure it’ll all work out :)

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