What Day Is It?*

It’s Paper Valentine Day!

Which means that Paper Valentine is now available in stores—stores like my unassailably-awesome indie, Tattered Cover, where they are super-nice and friendly and invite me to sign copies and even let me take pictures!

Paper Valentine in the wild

Here is Paper Valentine in the wild. I took this picture myself, which is why it is characterized by very weird composition. But that’s okay, because I think Paper Valentine looks nice nestled in with all its book-friends.

[Here is the spot in this blog post where I was going to tell you more about the actual book and what it’s like on the inside, but it turns out that I am way too starry-eyed and scatterbrained and discombobulated, so any informative content will simply have to wait!]

[Until then, look! Paper Valentine! In stores!]

*Also, no, seriously—what day is it, because D has been on a business trip all week, which means that now I don’t have a bedtime and sometimes it’s very hard to tell if it’s a new day, or still the same day and I was just napping.

8 thoughts on “What Day Is It?*

  1. Congratulations on Paper Valentine’s book birthday! I can’t express my excitement over this book and will not hesitate to read it. I also get joy over seeing awesome books surrounded by more awesome. Weird composition or not, I share your enthusiasm.

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