Here are pictures,* although without much commentary.

I present: Oklahoma and Kansas.

And I will start with a water tower. Because I love water towers. Especially when they have high school mascots painted on them.

water tower

low water bridge
G’s grandmother has told us that we are–under no circumstances–allowed to walk out on the low-water bridge. Because in her mind, we are five.

waiting room 2
This is the waiting room of a rural chiropractor’s office. It is impressive and smells nice.

G spray paint
G poses with an obscene sentiment in Depew, OK.

me against wall
Me looking short, due to the vastness of this wall. And my shortness.

G with Cecil
As with so many of the animals we encountered on our trip, G promptly named it Cecil.

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*All photos courtesy of Little Sister Yovanoff

8 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. Really neat-o. Should I expect to see that wall in the Daphne sequel? The pic in the water looks like there’s two Brennas in it–like some clever development trick :)

    • The pic in the water looks like there’s two Brennas in it
      M actually did a whole series capturing the phenomenon–reflections of me walking on this bridge, I mean. And a whole series of the wall and the big hole in the floor, which you can’t see very well in this particular photo (lower left, where the caution tape is).
      The wall only makes it into the story in the sense that all the fictional buildings in Bliss sort of look like that (as a number of them do in Depew). Featured far more prominently in the story are a water tower, an old silo, and a tiny church, all of which I find very exciting :)

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