THE REPLACEMENT—now portrayed in visual media!

At long last, I have official permission to share my cover, so I present to you . . . my cover!

This is for the ARC, so font, text, what-have-you is entirely subject to change, but when it is a book, it’s going to look a lot like this, and let me tell you, I am absolutely thrilled! It satisfies all my creepiest, most atmospheric cover-daydreams, is totally ominous, and yet has just a dash of whimsy.

What I’m saying is: this is my kind of cover.

It was designed by Natalie Sousa and photographed by Jonathan Barkat and I’ve never met either of them, but I look at this cover and make wild speculations about how freaking cool they must be!

ARC Front

I am one happy girl.

70 thoughts on “THE REPLACEMENT—now portrayed in visual media!

    • I can practically hear the ominous music box lullaby
      Yes! Even though the setting is very steel-town/indie-club, there’s still a definite Victorian-nursery vibe!
      (This is apparently the part where I fail at describing my book in a way that is not confusing.)

  1. HOLY>>>>>> S*&# I cannot say enough how much i love this! and the photographer is amazing! I am actually a HUGE fan of his. If I am not mistaken he had done the original Forest of hands and Teeth and Dead Tossed Waves and Madapple. Which omg are so moody!
    Lucky you! now i am even more excited to read it!

    • he had done the original Forest of hands and Teeth and Dead Tossed Waves and Madapple
      Yes! I didn’t even know who’d shot it when I first saw the image–I asked who it was and then was like, “I totally know who that is!
      I love how strange and atmospheric his work is, and cannot get over this being so. freaking. perfect!

    • I love the comments here like girls over an engagement ring!
      It’s exactly like that! Hmm, this calls for some kind of aphorism about about how covers are the diamonds of the book-girl world ;)

    • Ok, I took a longer look to really process it because at first glance it’s just so shocking. My thoughts: They should’ve made your name bigger :). Love the blurb from Maggie. And love the font and color of the title. That photo is creepy gorgeous.
      Btw, do the cover designers read the book before creating the artwork for it?

      • My thoughts: They should’ve made your name bigger :)
        That’s actually one of the things that’s scheduled to change–I don’t know how it will look, but there’s talk of using a different font, and maybe a different color too.
        As far as whether cover designers read the book, I actually have no idea :) The publisher had already talked about having this really cool idea for a kind of crib mobile using tools and scrap metal, so this might have been the designer’s take on that, but they definitely incorporated a Victorian feel, which makes me think someone else might have at least described the story in some detail.

        • Squee!! I’m just so excited to have a copy in my hands eventually. I predict I’ll be stroking the cover and staring at it for a while. I also think they shouldn’t stack your name — they should put both your name and last name on one line. LOL, here I go telling publishers what to do. Anyway, it’s just awesome. It’s cool beans smothered in awesome sauce.

    • Totally impromptu storytime: When I was on submission to editors (which now seems like a long time ago), I got to talk to the Razorbill publisher on the phone and he asked me what my publishing daydream was, and I said that as long as I was being completely frivolous, I wanted to have a pretty cover, and he said, “We can do that.”
      And they did it!

    • Totally Tim Burton! Which is extra-appropriate because when it was on submission, people kept comparing the atmosphere to Edward Scissorhands–a comparison that I obviously have no problem with ;)

        • Have I missed you saying more about that?
          No–I probably should say something about it, but I only found out for sure that they’d be using the original title about a week ago! I don’t even really know what to say, except that apparently S&S UK finds my joke funny enough to outweigh the fact that I sometimes have to explain it :D

    • Definitely dreamlike–there are so many things that don’t seem reconcilable with each other! Also, this is not final, but they’re talking about making some of the metal implements shiny, which . . . well, let me just say, I’m kind of like a magpie ;)

  2. this is an amazing book cover. If I saw this in a bookstore and had no idea who you were I would pick this up. Amazing.
    I don’t even know what it’s about! Fairy changelings? Maybe?

    • I don’t even know what it’s about! Fairy changelings? Maybe?
      Kind of? :D It definitely draws on that folklore, but also has a specific focus on the town, and the town’s relationship to replacement children. And a love story! And some bands, and lots of stuff that’s spoilery (man, I have got to comes up with an more pithy way of talking about this book)!

  3. So exciting! Let me know when you have advance copies, I’d love to take them to the local book stores and give one to Sue-Ellen for her Teens. I think Old Firehouse Books is looking for local authors to do signings and stuff:)

  4. Kelly Gay posted the cover of this on her blog, and I have to say that it is probably one of the coolest covers I’ve ever seen!! I will definitely be waiting for this one to hit the shelves!

  5. minds
    minds so finely attractive they must be entwined, with slightly evil if not completely devilishly deviant. When those minds are female, that is what IS better, than anything.
    Yes, let’s find out what you are capable of. I have an idea, I just don’t believe in those types of things until I know it with all the senses. Until then, there is always alternate possibilities

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