18 thoughts on “THE REPLACEMENT on Amazon

  1. Awesome. It was interesting to see how they paired your book w/ M.Marr; and who bought what after viewing your book. Also, a specific release date!!! So cool :)

    • Yes, I have solid release date! (I think Amazon just pairs it with whatever’s been bought together recently or often, because since it’s been up there, it’s had a bunch of reasonable pairings and few really strange ones)

  2. Your Daddy – Kurt
    Dear Brenna,
    You may remember me as the Finger Lakes guy, Eddie At, who grew up with your dad, and you have probably heard many(or few) over-embellished anecdotes of our past together.
    Just want to let you know we are thrilled here at Seneca Springs Resort w/ regard to your book(s) and contract. You are always welcome to come for a visit to our little corner of the planet, and to share a Catalpa blaze beneath the stars.
    Try and convince your folks to come over with you, Maddy, and the significant other(men)for a week at our place.
    Check out Cindy’s Seneca Springs Resort facebook deal. I was skeptical due to privacy preferences, but it is really cool. She is a great facebooker person, regarding clever photos, with the exception of her many husbandly pics, of a ruddy and rather chubby faced character, I don’t know.
    All The Best to You,
    Eddie Atwill

    • Re: Your Daddy – Kurt
      Ed! Of course I remember! (And having met you a few times and driven around the grounds at midnight on the back of a golf-cart, well, I have difficulty believing that those stories I heard growing up were all *that* embellished.)
      I’ll definitely check out the Facebook page and I think I speak for the whole family when I say that we’d love to come back out there one of these days and burn some catalpa!

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