Travel, Plus Two Other Things

So, I’m very bad at talking about things before they happen. Mostly because I am terribly superstitious and absolutely convinced that I will jinx it. However, I feel quite comfortable saying that a week from today, I will be in New Orleans with my fellow Merry Sisters, Tess and Maggie, and Jackson Pearce, Vlogger Extraordinaire, and there will be food, book-talk, and antics galore!

For a much more lucid account of our upcoming trip, you can check out this post, in which Tess explains the details, draws a picture of one of my characters brandishing a handgun while on his way to mail her a love-letter, and speculates that I may or may not be a Jenny Greenteeth.

It’s times like these that I suspect I should not be allowed to summarize anything. (Also, times like this.)

Other things:

  • I’m currently attending the AWP conference, which is taking place in Denver this year, so I’ll be scampering around morning to night without internet for the next few days. I’ll be checking my email sporadically, but might not be a good correspondent until Monday.
  • Exciting news on the Foreign Rights Front! In addition to the US and the UK, THE REPLACEMENT has officially sold in Germany, Hungary, and Taiwan. My book will be printed in complex Chinese, and I will have no clue what it says, which, when you think about it, is kind of awesome!

15 thoughts on “Travel, Plus Two Other Things

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming wildness in New Orleans.
    I hope you get a Chinese copy–that would be so cool to see. Actually, if I were you, I’d want a copy in every language :)

    • Thanks! We’re planning to share as much good stuff as we can on the internet–photos and video-blog-round-tables and Tess may possibly (a little bit) have been talking about an epic Shakespeare performance? We shall see!

    • I imagine it’ll be quite a thrill to see what your name looks like in Complex Chinese
      The novelty factor alone is making me dizzy! For some reason, I’m really fascinated with the idea of knowing I wrote something, but not being able to read it–not even a little bit :D

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