A Quick Reminder Before I Go

Over at Merry Fates, we are having a CONTEST EXTRAVAGANZA in honor of New Orleans!

The prizes are good, and entering is easy–all you have to do is choose your favorite Merry Fates story (or three), let the internet know you like it, let us know where you posted it, and you’re entered to win something cool that the Merry Fates will pick out together while we’re there. What the prize will be is a mystery–all we know is that we plan to personalize/customize it in some way, and it will probably be bizarre.

Runner-up prizes include: a copy of SHIVER, a copy of BALLAD, and an ARC of THE REPLACEMENT. Books will be signed by the author and drawn-on/otherwise made unique by the rest of us.

We’ll draw names Monday–possibly, with Jackson’s () help, in the form of a video blog–so check out the link for details on how to enter.

Also, expect Shakespeare hijinks.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Reminder Before I Go

  1. I entered the contest already and my link was over on the Merry Fates post on this, but I thought that you should know that one of your stories gave me a nightmare (I gave it honorable mention for that). I just thought you should know that.

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