Fried. For Real.

Okay, so I just sent my editor the first draft of Book 2. Ordinarily, this would warrant an exclamation point or several, but I am currently all exclamationed-out and all I want to do is eat Chinese food and watch Dexter. Sadly, I am also marginally responsible.

Now, while I await editorial feedback, I will turn my attention to other things. Like laundry. And the lamentable state of my inbox. And laundry.

However, because this is not a very informative post, and because I really love this book, and because it’s Friday, I will leave you with this video, which is basically my Book-2 theme-song of epic proportions.

10 thoughts on “Fried. For Real.

  1. I LOVE Regina Spektor. I have a song of hers on one my book playlists. This song makes me excited for your book two.Of course I am still waiting to get my hands on the first book.

    • I am crazy about Regina Spektor—I think she’s absolutely adorable! And I’m excited that you’re excited for book 2, not least because *I* am excited for book 2 :D
      (I’m excited for The Replacement, of course, but that’s in a very out-of-my-hands-now way.)

  2. I think I like that song. I’m going to play it for my sister and see if I can convince her to get it off of Rhapsody. I had only heard one song by Regina Spektor before this (because it was on the Prince Caspian soundtrack), and maybe I should check out more of her stuff.

    • I really like her. She appeals to my general aesthetic, which is kind of whimsical, kind of cynical, kind of vintage, kind of quirky. As you might imagine, it’s kind of hard to find all that in one place :)

  3. I love Regina Spektor’s voice and the piano. Oh the piano ;)
    And Yay for DEXTER! I still have to catch up on Season 4 before Season 5 begins. Have you read the books? I haven’t finished the series yet, but everything I’ve read so far is a quiet interesting perspective to read from.
    I hope you get lots of praise over book 2 so you can feel all warm and fuzzy instead of fried!

    • I haven’t watched Season 4 yet and I’m SO excited (I’ve heard all the fantabulous things about John Lithgow—now I’m just waiting for it to ship from Netflix)!
      I’ve only read part of the first book, which is by no means an indictment, I just have a bad habit of reading about 20 books at once, in rotating shifts. I should pick it up again!

    • I’m glad you’re excited, because I’m excited :) Of course, that may all change once I get the revision notes back from my editor, but I don’t think so—I mean, I know I have a ton of work to do, and I’m *still* excited!

    • There is something very soothing about certain household chores (of course, I have to be in a fried mood to find them soothing—otherwise, I just ignore them and let them pile up).

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