Friday Five (ish)*

1) I am ridiculously fortunate. While I usually feel that way in a very broad sense, today I mean it specifically—The Replacement has been included in a pretty major endeavor on the part of Penguin, called Breathless Books (which officially has its own website)!

The advance reading copies are being given out as a package deal, sort of like a little book-basketball-team. See the pretty slipcase?

Penguin Five Slipcase

So, from time to time, I’ll be putting up reviews, guest posts, and interviews with my fellow Breathless Books authors. Stop by next week to see what Kirsten Miller, author of The Eternal Ones has to say about music, hot beverages, and dress-making!

2) You may have already heard this, since the news—it is big! But I see absolutely no harm in saying it again. Over and over. Forever.**

Linger (the much-awaited sequel to Maggie Stiefvater’s hot novel of angst, Rilke, and werewolf nookie, Shiver) debuted at #1 on the NYT list! (!!!!!!!!!!)

Go here for the full story, some pretty glorious piano, and an ungroomed Maggie.

3) This month’s Tessa Does Shakespeare is up and features tears—real ones—and a chance to win Tess’s ARC of The Replacement just by commenting. I suggest that you watch it, because DUDE! Tess is crying. Did that just sound totally dysfunctional?

*Well, three. But that doesn’t have nearly the same ring to it.

**Oh, see what I did there?

30 thoughts on “Friday Five (ish)*

  1. Whoops, I didn’t even think! Now, I will clarify—the slipcase is actually a (very fancy) ARC giveaway. Come September, The Replacement will be available in hardback, all on its lonesome :)

    • I’ve been *so* excited about this promotion—it’s been in the works for awhile, and now that it’s underway, I love that I get to be in touch with everyone involved and talk to them about their books :D

  2. Ordinarily I’m big on summer vacation lasting a long, long time… but there are just too many good books coming out and I HATE WAITING! I can’t wait to buy yours in Sept!
    Also, YAY for Maggie. Very, very much deserved. And also, Tessa did an amazing job! The support you three show each other never fails to blow my mind.

    • Dude. It may be a long time for people who are not me, but I just realized . . . that’s in less than two months. I kind of got a chill just now.
      And yes, I love my Merry Fates—it is so vicariously happy-making to see what they do and how awesome they are ♥

  3. Man that ARC set is a really cool idea. Do other publishers do this often? If they don’t, they so should! What an awesome way to promote a few months worth of book releases. And SUPER cool that you’re in it, of course ;)
    P.S. I’m so happy for Maggie. I mean I knew she’d do it (duh), but still really happy nonetheless. You know that could be you… very very soon ;)

    • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a publisher doing this before (which makes it extra-super-unadulterated cool), but I’m really loving it. I’m very much a fangirl at heart, so I love having the opportunity to read and interview before the books come out, too.
      And yes, the placid little voice knew Maggie would do it! But even when you know—you don’t actually KNOW! You know?

    • Maggies news is awesome and not unexpected
      Yes, despite outrageous levels of excitement, there’s still this tiny complacent voice that says, “Well of course you did, Maggie! Of course you did!”

    • It totally knocked me out when I heard about it, and I covet ARCs to an unhealthy degree, so I spent way too long just kind of . . . cuddling the the box (is that weird? it’s weird.)

  4. Why must September have to be after August? Why can’t we just skip August and go straight to September? The 21st, to be exact. :|
    Impatient Kristine is impatient.
    By the way, is that how the spine will really look like? It looks so Sleepy Hollow. ♥

    • By the way, is that how the spine will really look like?
      I can’t say for absolute positive, but I think so—oh, I think so! And I obviously haven’t seen finished copies yet, but there has been talk of a sleepy neighborhood or factory-town skyline on the back, so I’ll definitely be posting pics once I know :D

      • Just when I tell myself that I can’t love The Replacement even more, you have to say: “there has been talk of a sleepy neighborhood or factory-town skyline on the back” GUH. Like my favorite horror video game, but in a book.

        • Ooh, survival horror ftw! What’s your favorite? My franchise is Silent Hill all the way, but I have to say, my favorite single title of all time is probably Resident Evil 4 (I love upgrading my guns).
          Maybe I should do a post on horror games sometime—they’re like this big, consuming addiction I never talk about :D

          • When I first heard about The Replacement, the image of me walking down the streets of Silent Hill just wouldn’t go away. Then I saw the gorgeous cover! Have you ever stopped playing any of them because it got under your skin too much? I’m pretty sure I threw away Clock Tower (I was 9, I think, haha!)
            You should definitely do a post on horror games. Converts = MORE games = More time happily wasted.

            • I own *one* horror title that I just can’t play because it scares me too much, but I refuse to get rid of it because then I will have officially been defeated.
              The game is Siren and I bought it used for less than 20 dollars, just three weeks after it came out. The boy at Buy-Back Games told me they had stacks and stacks of used copies coming in, because no one could play it all the way through—it was too scary. Of course, I thought, “Watch me.” But no, it really is too scary :D

            • Ooh, one of my friends told me about that. I wanted to buy it because he said it was made by one of the creators of Silent Hill… But then he went, ‘I didn’t finish it’. So I didn’t bother picking it up. The guy was the last one left with dry sweatpants during our Asian horror movie marathon. I didn’t want to get more mental than I already am, haha!
              Watched the trailer, though, and I don’t think I’ll be picking it up in a few decades or so. :)

  5. What wonderful news – congratulations! How exciting that Penguin is investing so much in YA paranormal/fantasy. Great for you and Maggie to be able to celebrate your happy writing news at the same time too.

    • Thanks! Yes, the push Penguin is giving paranormal/fantasy this fall is really exciting (especially since it’s one of my favorite genres). And I was literally yelping and clapping like a seal when I heard that Maggie debuted #1

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