The Eternal Ones

This week, I’m featuring fellow Breathless Books author, Kirsten Miller. We’ll be hearing from Kirsten herself on Wednesday, so as a warm-up I’m going to tell you a little bit about The Eternal Ones, which comes out on August 10th from Razorbill/Penguin Group.

Haven Moore has spent the better part of her oppressive life in Snope City, Tennessee, struggling to control the visions that have plagued her since childhood. Despite her best efforts, however, her visions are worsening and she is haunted by images of a fiery catastrophe that happened before she was born—images that just might be residual memories of another life. Now, she finds herself compelled to unravel a decades-old mystery and rediscover a love that has spanned centuries, and may or may not have been the death of her.

Haven is irresistibly drawn to New York, and likewise to the wealthy and charismatic Iain Morrow. But Iain has a dark side, and his preference for keeping secrets doesn’t bode well for the budding relationship, or for Haven’s safety.

Now, Haven is faced with a growing apprehension, and her only hope may lie with a secret society that claims to be in the business of helping people remember their past lives. But with so many new faces and so many paths that have crossed before, how can she know who to trust?

The chemistry between Haven and Iain is heart-fluttering, to say the least—a romance that is passionate and timeless, while still remaining firmly anchored in the here and now. Haven and Iain are captivated by each other, bound by a magnetic attraction so ferocious and consuming that it frightens Haven, even as it draws her steadily onward.

While The Eternal Ones is filled with gripping twists and turns, and the subject of reincarnation is a fascinating one, it is the secondary characters who charmed me. I was especially taken with the people from Haven’s hometown, who are complex and vividly drawn, and I was enchanted by Haven’s irascibly loyal best friend Beau, and by her classmate, Leah Frizzell, a girl who has been even more ostracized than Haven, and who, like Haven, has her own mystical gift.

Throughout The Eternal Ones, there is a strong theme of personal identity. Despite the passage of numerous lives, Haven has always retained the core qualities that make her who she is, and this endurance is echoed in the characters of Beau and Leah, who—like Haven—are consistently true to themselves, even in the face of great adversity.

You can preorder at Powell’s, or the bookseller of your choice, or visit the Eternal Ones at its website.

11 thoughts on “The Eternal Ones

    • Stay tuned this week, then! I just got the word that I can have *two* signed copies to give away, so those will be up for grabs on Wednesday and Friday. I don’t know how I’ll do it yet, but I’m thinking a random comment-draw.

  1. Aren’t secondary characters always more charming than the main ones? ;)
    Anyway, this book sounds great! Then again, I’m a sucker for all things fantasy, so that’s no surprise!

  2. I already had 3 of the 5 books in this box set in my wish list when you posted about it last week, but it looks like I’ll be adding this one to it now too. Aside from the story line sounding intriguing, I really liked the track used for the trailer too. I’m looking forward to this interview now! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. I also want to read all of these books. I’ve never seen a collection put together like this before – is it new or am I just breezing through life clueless? :)

    • Well, the box-set is only a promotional thing for the ARCs, so when the finished copies hit the stores, they’ll be flying solo like normal. But you’re right, I’ve never seen a promotion like this before—it’s really crazy and exciting, and I love that I get to interview the other authors and read their books early :D

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