Two and One Half Things

Well, I’m still pretty frazzled (incredulous, giddy, ecstatic), and there’s just no way I can thank you guys enough. It’s true that I wrote a book (with invaluable insight from the editorial staff at Razorbill), but I certainly did not walk out there into the world and put it on the NYT list! I feel like I’m not expressing myself well at all, but seriously . . . you guys are amazing!

Today, I have this incredible urge to paint my toenails and make serious! old-fashioned candy! with a thermometer! and ignore my laundry and basically be a complete vegetable, but I do actually have a couple things I want to say first. (You may notice that I am much better at staying on task than I am at expressing sentiment.)

First, remember this still shot of Mackie?

Mackie (from the Breathless Reads commercial)

Well, I promised a link to the Breathless Reads commercial, and now I have it! You can go here to check out the commercial. (And in case you missed them earlier, here are the stills for the other Breathless Books—Nightshade, Matched, The Eternal Ones, and Sapphique.)

Also, the song playing in the background is called “Breathless.” It’s by Miggs, and if you like it, you can download it for free on Breathless Reads. (I downloaded it on Wednesday and have been listening to it . . . an embarrassing lot.)

Secondly, next week I’ll be featuring Andrea Cremer on the blog. I’ll have an interview with her and talk a little bit about her upcoming debut Nightshade (here’s a teaser: fun, sexy, kickass). I’ll also have a guest post from her, and I’m probably going to do another comment-based giveaway like I did for The Eternal Ones.

After that, I’ve got a high school post I’ve been working on and if all goes well, I just might finally get it finished and posted in the next couple weeks!

And that is the state of things.

22 thoughts on “Two and One Half Things

  1. I watched that like three times. So cool!! I think they got the Mackie look pretty close to what he looks like in my head. A little more sickly, but with the same cheekbones. Congrats!

  2. I really liked the clip for The Replacement! Especially how he’s looking down into the creepy baby carriage.

  3. So awesome! I’m loving the song.
    Also, this is random, but I’m not sure how I never noticed this before. I clicked on “Breathless Reads” and then on “The Replacement” which goes to your bio where I noticed you were homeschooled until you were fifteen.
    I was too, I didn’t go back to school until the middle of high school. The experience has definitely affected my worldview. Most notably that I have a chunk of pop-culture-knowledge missing from my life. My friends are very understanding about this though. Whenever I ask “what’s that” about something everyone else my age is intimately familiar with they just pat my head and explain to the other people around “…she was homeschooled.” :P

    • Yes—yay for homeschoolers! I actually have a blog feature (that I haven’t updated in quite some time, but I plan to fix that soon) where I tell anecdotes from high school and talk about how weird it was :D

  4. Belated congrats on hitting the NYT list, Brenna! I bought THE REPLACEMENT yesterday – couldn’t resist that creepy/delicious US cover, though I’ll still get it when it comes out over here ‘officially’ in paperback. :)
    I read the first few pages and am already hooked!
    p.s. I met Maggie today, and although she very kindly offered to sign your book for me… I declined. Heh. I’d rather have YOU sign it one day. (Though I’m sure she was just kidding. Maybe. *g*)

  5. Wow, I’m a little behind seeing this post, but that commercial for the Breathless Reads was awesome! Gave me chills it was so freaking cool.
    Hope you’re still riding high on all that happened last week and that you had a great birthday this past weekend. I’m looking forward to your next High School post. They’re some of my favorites ;)

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