It’s almost interview time again! (Not mention, me-giving-away-signed-finished-copies time again!)

This round, I have fellow Breathless Reads author Andrea Cremer stopping by to visit. On Wednesday, she’ll be guest-blogging for me (and talking about one of my favorite topics—fear) and on Friday, I’ll post my interview with her.


First though, I’m going to tell you a little bit about her book Nightshade, which comes out October 19th from Philomel/Penguin Group.

Calla is an alpha—a wolf-girl slated to lead her young pack of shape-shifters. In less than a month, she’ll be mated to the (extremely hot) up-and-coming alpha of the other local pack, Ren Laroche. Despite tensions between the packs, Calla isn’t resistant. She’s known this was coming her whole life, and is used to following the rules. That is, until she makes a snap decision and saves the life of a human boy, only to find that she can’t stop thinking about him.

Shay Doran is new in town, plagued by secrets he’s not even aware of. Against Calla’s better judgment, she permits herself to become Shay’s ally in his search for the truth. As the two unearth the mysteries that surround Calla’s pack, she’s forced to question her own loyalties, and by extension, the very fabric of her carefully-guarded world. And yes—Shay is in his own right very, very hot. But I’m already all swoony over Ren, so consider this my official choosing-of-sides. Alpha-wolf all the way!

There’s so much to like about this book, but one of my absolute favorite aspects is the complex history of the world. There is a hierarchy of power here that’s just chilling. Very early on, we find out that the Guardians (the Nightshade and Bane wolf packs), are not in charge. Far from being apex predators as one might expect, they act as glorified guard dogs to a mysterious society of witches called the Keepers. The Keepers provide the Guardians with food and shelter, not to mention education and material possessions, and in turn, the Guardians protect the Keepers trove of secrets, without ever stopping to ask what those secrets might be.

I hope that whets your appetite, because on Wednesday, I’ll have Andrea’s guest-post for you, and I’ll tell you how to win the first of two signed, finished copies of Nightshade! (I promise, it will not be complicated.)

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