Kidlit Con

Okay, I’ve been completely remiss in talking about last week’s trip to Kidlit Con, and so I will do it now. First, the experience can really be summed up in this one sentence: It was so much fun!

Our panel on Friday was very laid back and not scary at all. (At least, not scary for me. We may have been frightening—I can’t speak for anyone else.) People asked great questions and I didn’t obsess about the fact that I was sitting in front of a roomful of people, talking into a microphone. Also, the venue was absolutely beautiful and I’m sad that I have no pictures of it.

Tess and Maggie have already done a much better (and when I say better, I mean prompt) job of posting pictures, but I’m including these anyway because I want them preserved for posterity. Also, there was a marquee! We had a marquee and I can’t not post a picture of that.


I also signed books (first time not at a trade show), and one of the conference attendees was kind enough to take this picture of me signing her book and then let me share it!

me signing

And of course, being in the same city with Tess and Maggie meant plenty of photo ops. Andrew Karre, editor extraordinaire, took this one and I absolutely love it. We are riding an escalator. We look so official!


20 thoughts on “Kidlit Con

  1. I love that picture of the three of you together. You are all just so YOU! Plus, I really love your outfit. You look like a steampunk author, not in a costumey way, but in an awesome way.

  2. Oh, Brenna… I so wish I could have been there. I really hope you guys do more events together and all across the US because I really want to meet you guys altogether. It would be the ultimate coolness factor for me.
    BTW – Your outfit is to die for. I hear you always dress this awesomely. You have such awesome style!

    • I would LOVE to do more events like our panel—it was so much fun and the audience asked some really great, insightful questions, and everyone just wanted to talk about writing—I could totally see making a Thing out of this!

    • It *was* super-cool! I wish I had some shots of the venue, because it was amazing and I really can’t do a good job of explaining, but it had everything I like all in one building—books and a coffee shop and an art gallery and a mechanical fortune-telling machine that made a toy magnolia tree bloom extravagantly if you put in a quarter . . .

  3. Wow! I love your bag! Is that butterfly wings? I’m so excited for you guys. I’d love to meet you all one day. I’m trying to be patient. I saw some awesome necklaces at the New Moon Expo in Rochester that I just know you would have loved. Good luck with everything new.

  4. You were great!
    You were so totally awesome. Your personality/persona came through beautifully.I kept thinking about your panel this week after I got my comments on my 2nd book from my critique group. It was very helpful. Now I’m kicking myself for not getting your signature in your book.

    • Re: You were great!
      I’m glad you liked it and thought it was useful! As my first event ever, I felt like it went well, but that might be due the fact that I basically got to sit at a table and have a conversation with my friends :)

    • Re: AWESOME!
      I completely know how you feel—we really don’t get many YA events in Denver either. (That’s changing now we have more local authors.) If I ever come through Dallas, though, I will announce it like crazy!

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