Coming up for Air

Once again . . . say it with me, people: I Am Not Dead.

But, I’m still hacking my way through a massive final edit on The Demon Book (which actually has a lovely title, by the way—I’m just not allowed to share it yet).

The manuscript is due the middle of next week, and when I say that for the last month, my life has involved little else, I’m not exaggerating (you can ask D—lately, his household tasks have come to include carrying my empty energy drink cans out to the recycling and occasionally reminding me, with the utmost tact, to brush my hair).

However, I did want to let you know that next week, I’ll be featuring Catherine Fisher, author of the bestselling YA fantasy Incarceron, and its upcoming sequel, Sapphique. As usual, there will be prizes.

And now, in lieu of actual content, I will leave you with a link to this post I wrote three years ago about the madness that is my revising method. My publishing circumstances may have changed, but I promise, Revision Girl has not.

14 thoughts on “Coming up for Air

    • No kidding! I just read the announcement the other day and I *so* wish I’d known about the TL casting decision back when I was putting together my interview with Catherine—could have yielded all kinds of slightly off-topic questions ;)

          • Re: Uh, but it’s already out there. . .
            After The Replacement cover, I don’t think that they’d dare short you after you’ve seen the good stuff. My prediction is that it will be green. We’ll see! Ohhh, I hope it’s pretty! I refuse to have an ugly book on my shelf. I will say that I’m slightly guilty on judging books by their covers, so that’s part of the reason I picked up The Replacement.

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