Well, it’s December, and we’ve come to the final installment in the Breathless Reads blog tour. Where did the year go?!

Today begins our week with Catherine Fisher, author of Sapphique, which comes out December 28th from Penguin Young Readers.

On Wednesday, Catherine will share a really lovely guest post about the writing process, and as usual, Friday will be interview day, but for now, I’m going to do my best to tell you a little bit about the book.

sapphique cover

Sapphique is the highly-anticipated sequel to a little book called Incarceron—you may have heard of it? It’s a New York Times Bestseller and the news was recently announced that it’s going to be a feature film, and will star Taylor Lautner in the role of Finn. THE Taylor Lautner, you may ask? Why yes, I answer, The Taylor Lautner.

For those who haven’t read Incarceron, I apologize because this is going to be a little spoilery by necessity. Or, a lot. So, if you don’t want it spoiled, stop . . . reading . . . right . . . NOW. Mainly, Sapphique begins several months after Finn has escaped from the living prison Incarceron, leaving his friends behind. (See, I told you?)

Now on the outside, Finn is faced with a new and oppressive world in which he is a lost prince, subject to the machinations of the Queen, when all he really cares about is rescuing his comrades. Meanwhile, back in Incarceron, Attia and Keiro are determined to find their own way out. And then there’s Incarceron itself. The vast living prison craves freedom from itself and is spurred on by the legendary escape of Sapphique—the only prisoner it ever loved. Sapphique is a strange, beautiful, sweeping book with no easy answers and a story that explores what being free really means.

I hope you’ll check back Wednesday—I’ll be sharing Catherine’s guest post and you’ll have the chance to win a copy of Sapphique!

12 thoughts on “Sapphique

  1. Yeah!
    Wow, I’ll have to congratulate Catherine on the new book and getting the book to film for Incarceron. Taylor Lautner cast for the project, sounds like she’s definitely doing her thing!

  2. This… this… is something I am truly exited for. I was thrilled when my signed copy of Matched from the last contest came, not just because it’s amazingly pretty and signed and pretty and my sister’s already read it and says it’s amazing, but because the little packet that came with it had excerpts from the other Breathless Reads books… including this one. I read Incarceron only a month? three weeks? ago, and have pretty much fallen in love with it. The only downside to December 28, the day Sapphique comes out, is that that’s also the release date for The Lost Saint, another book I’ve really been looking forward to, and I have no idea which I’m going to read first…
    I’m feeling a little mixed about Taylor Lautner playing Finn. Mostly because of my pre-existing mental image, I guess. But overall I think I’ve decided it’s a good thing, because I can’t imagine them not making this movie now that they have him on board.

  3. Can’t wait!!
    I have Incarceron, but I haven’t read it yet, sad, I know, but I have a tendency to buy as many books as my arms-and my budget-will allow. I probably own more that any person with a life wouldn’t read in their lifetime. Please tell me I’m not alone. **signs up for compulsive book buyer’s anonymous.** I’m Camille Strange, and I am a compulsive book buyer.

    • Re: sapphique
      I have to admit, access to ARCs is one of my favorite unforeseen things about being a writer. The first time I got a box of them, I was so confused. I just sat there awhile thinking, Wait, I get books? Nobody told me I get books!

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