One Good, One Bad, One SHINY!

The Good

Hey, remember that time I made a heart out of red velvet cake and cream cheese and lots and lots of delicious cherry-based gore?

Also, remember how it was a contest?

Well! I am deeply honored to have Won a Prize, which recently arrived in the mail, and which I have posed with some lemon sandwich cookies for best effect:


Many million thanks to all my fellow Creepy Cake N Bakers—and special thanks to Dawn Metcalf and Stacey Jay , for not only organizing the whole thing, but for presenting me with this delightful Bride of Frankenstein trophy!

The Bad

Okay, I’ll be the first to say that this past week has had way more than its fair share of awesome (like, oh, The Space Between hitting shelves). However, I immediately (sadly) complicated it/screwed it all up by blowing out my ACL. Which explains both my spotty internet presence and the fact that I have been uncommonly cranky—sorry, friends and family! (And Most Especially D.)

Right now, some of you may be saying, “Really, Brenna? Again? You managed to break yourself yet again? Aren’t you getting too old for these kind of hijinks? Also, you are a writer and your whole entire job revolves around sitting at a computer, which is markedly not-dangerous. Okay, you know what? Fine, whatever, I’ll humor you. How exactly did this happen?”*

To which I will reply that much like every injury I’ve ever sustained, it was purely the result of me being entirely too optimistic about my own physical capabilities. Also, soccer.

So, I’m currently the proud owner of two crutches and one full-leg brace.

Here is me looking askance at them.


I plan to defeat them with my stoic-yet-plaintive stare. Also, being rigorous about my physical therapy.


Now for something much, much happier! As you may or may not know,** The Space Between is officially titled Smoulder in the UK, and here is definitive and sparkly proof:


Smoulder is scheduled to come out next month, and even though it has a different name, in all important ways, it’s the very same book as The Space Between. (Except that characters will sometimes walk on pavements instead of sidewalks. Pavements? Is that the plural? Or is it all just one big pavement?)

And that’s the story of my post-TSB week!

*Only, I don’t actually think you sound aggressive or judgmental. I’m really just channeling myself. As you can see, myself is cranky.

**If you don’t know, it’s my fault. Because I never told you.

12 thoughts on “One Good, One Bad, One SHINY!

    • Yes, yes—sadly, all my injuries ever are the result of about 20 years of soccer. Now, I think I’m finally to a place where I can just admit that I need to let it go and figure out something else to do for fun (preferably something that doesn’t involve crutches and tiny titanium screws).

  1. YAY for winning the Bride of Frankenstein trophy. It was well deserved. And the lemon sandwich cookies look delicious. I want to take them from the photograph and eat them…. YUM!!!!!!

    And a BOO and an OUCH for the blown out ACL. I’m so sorry that you hurt yourself Brenna. I wish you a speedy recovery and know that you’re in my thoughts and that I’ll be sending you good vibes.

    YAY for the UK cover. It is pretty!! I think it’s pavements, because Adele has a song called Chasing Pavements. (If that was a joke, I am so sorry it went over my head ._.) (That happens to me sometimes… Jokes going over my head.. *sigh*)

    So in short: YAY, YUM, BOO, OUCH, ACL, another YAY, and UK!! (haha trying to get a giggle out of your cranky self :D)

    • I should be fixed again soon, but I’ll have a rather picturesque limp for awhile! (I’ll be just like a Dickens character. Or a Bond villain. Now all I need is a fluffy cat.)

      (If that was a joke, I am so sorry it went over my head ._.)

      No, not a joke! I am really very interested in plurals. Also, differences between British and American English.

      Also, I am much less cranky today, and I laughed :D

  2. I’m so sorry that happened to you! I hope you either figure out a non-injury-full (madeup word alert) way to play soccer, or find another sport/form of exercise that you enjoy just as much.

    Also, I currently have TSB on hold at the library, and I am anxiously awaiting the day it comes in so I can go and pick it up and read it…

    • I’m really hoping I can get it all sorted out and just stick to running in the future. (I’ve done this before, so it’s not a big scary thing, just kind of a downer. I have high hopes that I’ll come back from it!)

      And yay for libraries! Here’s hoping it comes in soon and then you can see the pretty, bumpy, shiny final cover :D

  3. Let’s hope this is the last (or at least the last in a while) of injuries! I can understand your sports related injury, with me being highly uncoordinated:P The UK cover for TSB is so pretty (almost as cool as the American one). Would you be able to do a post on revising? I’m in that stage of my novel and am in some need of help!

    • I’ll try to think up something revision-related for next Monday! No matter what, anything I have to say won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution because writing is pretty much never one-size, but I’ll talk about what revising means for me, and hopefully that will give you some ideas!

      • Thank you so much! My friend and I were talking about the Replacement today, which reminded me how much I missed the world of Mackie and Tate. I am so excited to read the Space Between (still waiting for it from library). Any news on Paper Valentine?

        • I may or may not talk about this when I talk about revising, but my first draft of Paper Valentine is due to my editor in less than two weeks, so while my brain is currently in first-draft mode, very soon I’ll be switching over to revising mode, where suddenly the whole process becomes very pragmatic and cutthroat and that lined I love that totally doesn’t belong there? Goodbye, beautiful line! Goodbye …

  4. I absolutely loved The Space Between and The Replacement is on the list of books I want to read. Is there going to be a sequel to TSB?

    • Hi Molly, I’m so glad you liked TSB! I don’t actually have a sequel planned for it—believe it or not, I have *never* had a series idea yet. I’m just waiting for the right one to hit :)

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